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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Aug 13, 2021 ( – The foundation of every brand identity lies in its value system and Alice Cheung, a Vancouver-based realtor is a brand in herself. She believes “Nothing will work unless we do” and this has given her an immense strength to add victory feathers to her cap. Alice has managed to close 10 successful deals in commercial and residential estates in less than a year.  This makes her a well-rounded agent and certainly a passionate entrepreneur. Alice remarks, “(Be)lieve in (You)rself ” has always kept her going and growing. Furthermore, staying grounded and aiming higher is what she never fails to do.

The required action at the right time is a universal success mantra and Alice took the best notice of it. Her journey from being a curious real estate learner to a hardworking and result-oriented realtor has been a matter of great appreciation. Yes, during Pandemic when the whole world felt disheartened and lost hope, this young bilingual realtor saw a silver lining in the clouds. She could visualize a busy and growing Real Estate market in Vancouver post-pandemic and wanted to draw the entire wave to her. As a result, with the financial and spiritual support of her partner, she made the best use of her maternity leave and emerged as a woman entrepreneur in no time.

Undoubtedly, every brand requires strong visibility to add life to their vision and Alice Cheung believes the same.   She says,” Marketing and Branding are more important than ever now with the existence of the online world.” Thus, she effectively worked on her personal branding and made her mark in the industry. As a result, she was able to do justice to her 6 months long trial period after getting licensed. The process always became stronger with the constant support of the family, friends, and colleagues who helped her spread the word and expand the business.  

The concept of “Everyday Leadership” that emphasizes fostering better communication, connection, and community daily has been Alice’s basic life philosophy. Along with her managing broker, this young realtor has always kept it simple and focuses on her short business goals: a deal a month for the entire year. Furthermore, she considers being grounded and grateful to be the basic yet powerful traits an entrepreneur requires. Hence, she often recommends a children’s book named, “The World Needs Who you are made to be” as the must-read for all adults to reconnect with the basic lessons of humanity. 

Being a passionate and caring realtor Alice Cheung aims to bring strong financial support to her family and co-workers. With the growing success of her real estate ideas, she plans to have more disposable income for her marketing strategies and other business ventures too. Alice thrives to have a second baby in the form of a home office or retail front office in the city of Vancouver. Moreover, your dream to get your own estate becomes more convenient with a passionate and professional realtor like Alice Cheung.

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