The Nation’s Largest Stand-Alone Virtual Church and Leading Christ-based Ministry Celebrates Twenty Eight Years.

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Opening Day and Year 1993

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Aug 9, 2021 ( – There was an extraordinary great need. The need was to provide a Creator-based counseling and education alternative, compared to the growing popularity of secular and even atheist-based talk-therapies and principles disguised as Christian counseling. The condition was permeating the Church. And also recognizing the lack of opportunity for advanced distance ministry education designed for working adults while avoiding costly debt. A few persons in the nation recognized the crisis in these two key areas and turned the experience into a ministry opportunity. All while maintaining viability for nearly three decades.

Dr. Steven DavidSon is one of them. He shared about the experience as the ministry celebrated twenty-eight years on August 7. “No question it has been a journey of Biblical proportion, pun intended. Sometimes, we’re attempting to accomplish something and if we really knew what it would take, we’d never attempt the first step doing it. And that’s how this journey began. I recalled recently that as a teen I shared with my mother (at the time), the Lord placed on my heart that I would do something unique. I admit, no matter how difficult, it is being fulfilled.”

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It was not a great success story for Dr. DavidSon as he began. As he recalls, He would live the American nightmare losing everything he owned in pursuit of what he believed God called him to do. “Honestly as painful and unending it seemed to be and it was, I would not change a thing. It has made me a person who loves Christ-Jesus no matter what. I know what sacrifice and loss mean by serving Christ. I get it that this is not a Cinderella story or a wonderful ending fairy-tale in this Age. In fact, it’s downright brutal often, and we have a Savior who hung on the cross to remind us of this cross-bearing Faith.”

DavidSon who presently leads Amazing Things The Church the heart of the Christ-based counseling and educational enterprise reaching an average of nearly two million a month worldwide virtually, maintains that the core ministry is unchanged. “Absolutely, as far as we are concerned the message of Christ-Jesus has not changed in two thousand years. Brick and mortar church attendance were already in steep decline prior to the Pandemic.  We’re proof with nearly 70% responding worldwide that the message of hope we preach is just as engaging and powerful as ever. Consider that all we do is share and instruct in the principles of His life without any of the usual trappings. There’s no music, dancers, or smoke and mirrors. We’re not espousing any political, racial, cultural, or nationalistic leaning so catchy in many church circles. Our basis and all we do is in Christ-Jesus and that’s the way it will continue to be…”

When asked who he credits for the success of the work he’s adamant. “If a ministry of this nature is without gimmick or some kind of massive sponsorship, there’s one Principle above all to credit and that is Christ-Jesus and the present administration of the Holy Spirit. Thereafter I’m so mindful of our charter board members in 1993, personal mentors, my wife and family, and too many others to name.

And as with Jesus, I’m convinced it does not take a great number to do great things in our Faith. So likewise I’m thankful for the group of leaders presently working with me in the ministry. We’ve not reached our ceiling. We’ve been virtual for years. So we operate in the present center of the Church-growth universe. We’ll continue to drive toward representing Christ anywhere and everywhere impacting as many souls as possible. Entering year twenty-nine, we understand it’s the same enduring truth, ‘only what we do for Christ will last…’”


DavidSon’s a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. Amazing Things The Church is the heart of the work. There’s a live daily programming and numerous support resources available to the public: Church
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