Mr Key Locksmith today announced it will combat fake locksmith companies in Orem, Utah. All Utahns are invited!

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Starting today The fake locksmith initiative will help prevent Utahns from being scammed.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Orem, Utah Jul 1, 2021 ( – Locksmith scams aren’t really a new thing, however, in Orem, Utah, and the surrounding communities, it appears it’s becoming more common.  It’s harder and harder to find a real locksmith, especially one with a real physical location.  

According to a Daily Herald article: “There is no building at the sites of at least four of the 10 addresses listed for AO A Locksmith, which also goes by the names A 01 Locksmith, Absolute Locksmith and several others scattered throughout the white business pages of the phone book.”

The increase of fake locksmith’s or scam companies, it’s not only putting pressure on the customers and their wallets but also the real local locksmith companies such as Mr. Key Locksmith in Orem, Utah.  When discussing with one of the managers at Mr. Key Locksmith, they explained when people call for quotes they are a little shocked at our price because these scammers are quoting $50 or sometimes even $29 for jobs that the keys cost double or three times that much in parts alone.  So how are they able to do the job for that cheap?  

The answer is simple…. They aren’t, they show up then perform the job and say oh… the $29 was just for us to show up and it’s not uncommon to see these types of jobs cost in the $400 upwards to the $800 range.

We asked Mr. Key Locksmith, what they are doing to help combat this Orem locksmith scamdemic.  “Helping educate the customer by providing information about their options and why our phone quote is higher and the answer is really simple, we are being honest and aren’t going to blindside you with hidden fees.  While we can’t guarantee we will always be the cheapest locksmith in Orem, Utah, however, we are honest and local to the area.”

They also shared with us some things for consumers should ask and be aware of when calling Orem locksmiths for a quote:


  • Be very specific when calling around for pricing if your car is a push-to-start vehicle make sure you mention that and how many buttons it has (they could be trying to sell you a cheaper one that doesn’t include all the features you currently have).
  • If you have lost all car keys it’s a much different process than if you are needing a spare this is due to having to decode your vehicle’s ignition or running a code via the VIN vs just copying your current key cuts.  Lots of times these scam locksmith companies will quote you a spare then when they arrive it’s the blindside of well you didn’t explain that on the phone tactic.
  • Does that include the service call fee?  This is very important because they can say the service call fee is any price they want so they might only charge $80 for the lockout but they charge $100 for the service call fee.  So in the end you could end up paying $180 for a simple $90 lockout.
  • Do you have a physical location?  While there are some reputable mobile-only locksmith companies your odds of being scammed go way up if they don’t have a physical location.  This is because the scam locksmith companies use fake locations to verify their listings on Google and other directories and they truly don’t have a location that you can even send a letter or complain about.
  • What is their BBB rating?  Are they accredited?  If they have a great rating and are accredited your odds of being scammed go way down!
  • If it sounds too good to be true then odds are it is!


With Mr. Keys’ recommendations and the residents of Orem, Utah we can help put an end to the locksmith scandemic and help grow the Utah community and local businesses by preventing one scam at a time!

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