RecovEarth Chairman and COO TL Strickland identified 2 TX assets for novel business model


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We have identified assets that will allow us to bring multiple produced mineral assets to the market more efficiently than is currently possible. We are moving forward with our own due diligence based on our initial information gathered post-NDA. Our methods are atypical for a singular industry company, making use of technology and methods outside the scope of normal operations. The totality of our research has been whittled down to two projects. The major benefit of this model is that commodities (produced mineral assets) do not generally run in tandem with cryptocurrencies. This model allows for a hedge of sorts, but more importantly, allows for the gains of one to allow for the accumulation in another. This token is taking the numismatic worth out of the valuation by propping it up with produced mineral assets.


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We utilized to list our token to maintain an itemized transparency for our release. We listed the price for a portion of the initial token release in levels as a primary mode, as well as utilizing the exchange to avoid bot sniping that inflates and then deflates the price of the token, which never aids investors. The platform is simple and inexpensive, making the program accessible to everyone. The proof of this being that over 2 million tokens have been sold in the last 24 hours.


The main goal of this project is to change the view of the energy industry by harnessing the power of technology to create a sphere of combined methods that do not focus on a single project. Toward this end, we mean to utilize the waste of each produced mineral asset field to augment production into another, such as using the produced water from oil and gas wells to turn into Structured FluidTM that can be both reused for fluid within the industry as well as for farm fluid in drought-stricken areas. Another goal of the project is to utilize technology to reduce the footprint of every sector as much as possible. Why utilize child labor to mine lithium in foreign nations when it is a waste biproduct of other industries? Why create thousands of square miles of wasteland mining certain assets, or burying the components manufactured from them, when methods exist to avoid this. We are inclined to believe that the advent of specialization in fields has narrowed the scope of advancement in many industries, and as a company, we intend on tackling this issue head-on. So in short, RecovEarth will be pulling the blinders off of our racehorses and creating pathways instead of circling the same loop. The industry is for the advancement of civilization, not the entertainment of a small number of people to throw money at.




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