A startup that cares – Kesowa Infinite Ventures all set to empower the communities with data, from air

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Steadfast to build a better world, Kesowa Infinite Ventures Private Limited leverages the power of drone and drone data. By introducing intelligent drone software, which can provide invaluable data, Kesowa is on the way to create a bright future. As

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- kolkata, West bengal Jun 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The world is moving towards the age of data at an exponential rate. Data is essential to extract useful insights. Seeing the need for data, a beautiful idea inside the minds of passionate entrepreneurs of India was conceived. Kesowa Infinite Ventures Private Limited was hence created. A startup that wants to implement aerospace for good. Kesowa believes that by using drone and drone data, many questions can be answered and many life-altering decisions can be made. Thus paving the way to a conflict-free tomorrow.

Aru is an intelligent software that can work with any drone with a camera and makes use of Artificial Intelligence and complex algorithms to provide unique answers. Introduced in April 2021, this software can help communities or administrators to identify more than a hundred insights like the condition of roads, identification of potholes, missing road furniture, dim lights, broken infrastructure, and much more. By adopting this technology of the future, today, Kesowa aims to beautify the world and help solve massive issues at a convenience.

In addition to helping the local city administration, Aru can also be used by farmers. The software can help them see plant health as well as count the number of trees and identify the area covered by plantations. That’s not it, Aru can scan and identify the health issues among the flowers and crops. Using the collected data, farmers can easily determine what to do in case the flowerings are going bad.

Helping cities and towns pre-plan for the future, Aru is several steps ahead. It can assist in implementing the local Air Taxi Network to cope with the future. Moreover, Aru can also determine the density of people in a geographical area. This feature can be immensely helpful for map analysis and its related aspects.

Kesowa Infinite Ventures is not just a startup, it is the herald of a better and bright future. Aru is being designed and developed by Kesowa to be a transparent and dynamic move towards a prosperous tomorrow. It was made to solve conflicts and to bring about a viewpoint, verified by the data. What’s even better is the data is held at the customer’s premises making it safe and secure for everyone. Aru is available to be used by the public and can be set up with minimal effort.

The first instance of ARU has been deployed in a Drone & Drone Data Call Centre inaugurated by Mr. Debasish Sen, New Town Kolkata Development Authority in April 2021.


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