The Justice Project Texas Helps Federal Prisoners Tell Their Stories


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Austin, Texas Jun 9, 2021 ( – The Justice Project Texas does not facilitate Clemency grants for federal prisoners. Rather, they showcase their stories in hopes that they will capture the attention of a legal advocate/law school clinic who can vet their case and endorse their Clemency request.

Without the help of a legal advocate, filing a Clemency request with The Justice Department is like tossing it in a black hole, especially if the injustice is not on the face of the case, but rather is hidden under layers of abusive practices that produced an unjust result.

In other words, a law school clinic/legal advocate gives the prisoners a voice as well as the golden endorsement they need.

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The Justice Project Texas also showcases the blogs of many federal prisoners given they have an indispensable perspective. Most blogs are centered on the systemic flaws inherent in the federal brand of justice. (The Justice Project Texas writes about powerful legal advocates such as Brittany K. Barnett, Miangel Cody, Amy Povah, and more.)

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Source :The Justice Project Texas

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