Nearly 30% of Companies in Europe and the US Will Resume Office Will a Full Workforce

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Image Credit – Economic Times


The US and Europe have almost finished vaccinating all their population. After the vaccination dives, the offices are about to reopen. But only 30% of the organizations in both Europe and the US want to open with full force, as per a news report.

Many companies think that the solution for bringing the workforce back to the business for full-time can be vaccine passports. As per the prediction of the global market research company Forrester, more than 70% of the companies in Europe and the US will adopt a new hybrid work model after the pandemic is over.

Google and Microsoft have already made their plans for a hybrid work environment.

The VP and group research director of Forrester, Keith Johnston said that the companies choosing to prioritize the work environment is the best decision for the employees. It should be moving forward. The firms should make their employees feel important and let them know that they have all the tools for a seamless workflow.

In the hybrid work plan, some employees will be allowed to work remotely for at least two or more days a week. They will be present at the office the rest of the working days.

As per Forrester’s report, more than 55% of workers in the US want to keep working from home, even after the pandemic is over.

The reports reveal that 54% of the workers in Europe and almost 47% of employees in the US believe that working from home will stop the spread of the Coronavirus completely.

But only 34% of workers in Europe and 395 workers in the US think that the companies where they work have made a vaccination planning for them.

The findings also report that two-thirds of the employees in both US and Europe are at ease with their employers gathering their personal data regarding the pandemic.