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As restaurants bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, Work Is Back seeks to provide the information needed to make good hiring decisions with the most information available

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Waldorf, Maryland Jun 4, 2021 ( – As vaccines are available across the U.S. and summer nears, many of those workers – and the restaurants that employ them – are finding that returning to normal staffing levels is problematic at best.

“You don’t have to go far to find a restaurant, bar or coffee shop looking for help right now,” said Work Is Back developer Mark Burnett Jr. “What we realized is that as the workforce tries to restabilize as life returns to normal there was no tool available that could address all of the concerns of the workforce today.”

The Work Is Back platform seeks to connect those employees with companies in specific ways related to COVID, along with typical hiring concerns.

Beyond the program’s already impressive job-seeking searching service, Work Is Back can find “Randy” who has worked at a restaurant down the street that no longer is in business.

Work Is Back will find Randy with no other information other than where he worked.  Even if his name is really Randolph.  They utilize our post-Covid search strategies designed to work in the not-so-normal job market.

“Work Is Back helps find that person that you may have met in passing, where contact information is lacking,” Burnett Sr. said. “No other job site does that.”

“We have taken a different approach than any other type of job site instead of trying to match the whole resume,” Burnett Jr. said. “We’re trying to find one individual out of millions now on the market that a business desires and connect them with the person desperate to figure out what is next that makes a perfect fit. They just want to return to a job as they had before the pandemic, but right now it is really hard to find those opportunities as businesses slowly return to normal and really hard for employers to identify those lost, great workers. For our users, it will be like finding that needle in the haystack with each job match.”

For businesses hiring they offer a free way to support their staggered opening, keeping costs low in a time when the shutdown is deeply affected many businesses resources and ability to restart. 

For large companies, Work Is Back can function as a customized company job board. 

Larger groups can partner with us or donate to our cause. 

One of the key ways the platform approaches the current workforce differently is judging COVID work factors, like opt-in vaccinations for more efficient hiring decisions, and improved ways to find local jobs cutting down on commute time.

“We like to think we are forward-thinking when it comes to what information employers and job seekers will need moving forward,” Burnett Sr. said.

And unlike many traditional job boards, Work Is Back is a free service for both employers and job seekers.

“We wanted to create a platform that industries like hospitality can use to get back up and running as quickly as possible,” Burnett said Jr. “So, we will launch this service free of charge to anyone that wants to use it.” 

Along with the free service, Work Is Back is also available for companies and groups that are looking for their own branded job board.

“We saw the need as we were developing the software that some larger companies and employment organizations could benefit from their own branded job board that works off of the Work Is Back system,” Burnett Sr. said. “So, at launch, we will also be able to provide that service.”

Ultimately, he believes the software may be valuable as used by government agencies, across the U.S. as they work to connect employment opportunities with potential workers.

“We are not leaving any partnership of the table right now,” Burnett Sr. said. “We want to be that resource for businesses and organizations that work in recruitment and retention.”

He said creating those custom platforms now that the software is developed is a quick process that can work in many settings, not just the restaurant industry, and with a shared database, resumes and applications may already be waiting on day one.

“Many industries face similar problems as hospitality right now,” Burnett Sr. said. “Manufacturing, retail, shipping, and many, many others are working to connect during those unique situations that have been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite anyone that is in need of a workforce to keep an eye on our website for launch news, or just more information about how Work Is Back can be the answer to workforce concerns in the U.S. today.”

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