ECRM’s ‘Healthy Living, Vitamin, and Nutrition Program’ to Feature High-Quality ZENii Skincare Supplements

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High-Performance Nutritional Supplements That Optimize Health at the Cellular Level Coming Soon to America

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Boca Raton, Florida Mar 19, 2021 ( – Retail buyers from large and small chains in the United States will get to learn more about ZENii of London’s high-performance nutritional supplements for skin health and overall vitality at this month’s ECRM’s “Health Living, Vitamin, and Nutrition Program”.

“We are looking forward to rolling out our product line in the United States and ECRM allows us to promote our premium skincare and wellness supplements to major retail outlets in America,” said Dr. Johanna Ward, the founder of ZENii. “During the five-day program, our representatives will get to meet privately with retail buyers to promote the benefits of our products.”

ZENii sets itself apart from other supplements because it has developed advanced scientific formulas that are designed to deliver essential micro-nutrients that your skin and body need. The supplements work to optimize cellular function and enhance wellness.

ECRM is the retail industry’s version of speed dating, which brings buyers and new brands and products together for private one-on-one meetings. ECRM hosts these virtual events by using an innovative digital platform for face-to-face meetings between buyers and sellers. Buyers attending October’s ECRM event will represent regional and national food, drug and mass health chains.

Dr. Ward developed ZENii skincare and health supplements because she wanted consumers to have a product that was backed by scientific research and results.

“We developed high-quality prescription-strength supplements for consumers,” Dr. Ward said.

ZENii plans to bring five of its most popular supplements to the ECRM event:

  • Skin Fusion, the ultimate in anti-aging and skin health support, is ideal for anyone looking to press pause on the aging process and boost the strength, quality, and quantity of their collagen.
  • Immune Defense is a full-spectrum immune complex supplement with immune-supporting vitamins (C, A, E & D), minerals (zinc, magnesium & selenium), probiotics, turmeric, garlic, and beneficial herbs.
  • ProHydrate is an advanced skin hydrating supplement made from patented 200mg ExceptionHYAL hyaluronic acid, nutritious coconut water, MSM, vitamin C & zinc.
  • ProClear is a micronutrient formula ideal for maintaining skin health and calming internal inflammation.
  • ProLuminous is an antioxidant-based skin supplement that is clinically tested to improve skin radiance and skin tone. This cutting-edge vegan formula helps reduce oxidative stress and improve skin pigmentation, elasticity, and firmness.

ZENii is currently sold in high-end retailers in the United Kingdom, including Harrods, Selfridges, John Bell & Croyden (Her Majesty the Queen’s Pharmacy), and more than 150 medical and health clinics in the UK and Ireland. ProLuminous, ProHydrate, and Immune Defense are vegan-friendly. ProClear is vegetarian suitable. Skin Fusion contains fish in the form of marine collagen.

“We are looking forward to promoting our product line at the ECRM event,” Dr. Ward said. “We expect our products to become just as popular in the United States as they are in the United Kingdom.”

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