Rashika Jain Tours The New State Through Her Educational Trip

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Rashika Jain

Rashika Jain Is A Student From 12th Class, A Topper, A Girl With The Curiosity Of Learning, And An Explorer. Rashika Jain Gets A Chance To Visit Punjab Through An Educational Trip.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Mar 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Rashika Jain Is A 12th Class Student Who Has An Immense Curiosity For Learning New Things. The Educational Trip Organized By Her School Paves Way For Her To Explore A New State. Through This, She Traverses Places Science City, Wagah Border, Historic And Religious Places.

Rashika Jain Rejoices In Her Trip And Shares Her Learning And Experiences With Her Family. The Experience Of Her Travel Has Been Shared In This Article.

Rashika Jain Enhances Her Learning At The Science City

Rashika Jain Visited Pushpa Gujral Science City At Kapurthala Which Is A Heavenly Place For Science Lovers. At The Science City, She Learned About The Mechanisms That Work Behind The Physical World. She Developed The Knowledge Of How The Physical System Around Us Works Through Galleries, Energy Parks, Theatres, Science Voyage Halls, And Mobile Science Vans. She Got Well Acquainted With The Scientific Concepts By Exploring Space Theatre, Digital Planetarium, Laser Theatre, 3d Theatres, Flight Simulator, Earthquake Simulator In The Physical Manifestations.

Rashika Jain’S Curiosity For Visiting Wagah Border

Ever Since Rashika Jain Watched Wagah Border On Tv, She Had Always Wanted To Visit The Place. The Beating Retreat Ceremony At Wagah-Attari Border Attracted A Huge Crowd Including Foreign Tourists. The Vigor Ceremony Took Place Between the Indian Border Security Force And Pakistan Rangers. Several Tourists From the Different States Of The Country Gathered At The Ceremony And Presented Unity From Diversities. The Two-Hour Ceremony With Soldiers March, Cheer-Ups For The Soldiers, And Patriotic Songs Charged Up Rashika Jain With The Feeling Of Pride And Great Zeal.

Rashika Jain Learns About Jallianwala Bagh In Real

Rashika Jain Read About The Historic Place Jallianwala Bagh In Her Textbook At School. The Texts She Read About The Freedom Struggle Got Rewind When She Visited The Historic Garden. The Yaad E Jallian Museum Acquainted Her With All The Real Incidents That Took In Amritsar During The Struggle. The Martyr Well At The Historic Garden Reminded Her Of The Atrocities Of The British Era And Heroism Of Those Who Struggled To Free The Country. She Learned About A Vintage Banyan Tree And Amar Jyoti; Also Known As Timeless Light Which Is The Symbol To Pay Tribute To All The Martyrs And Victims Of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

Rashika Jain Explores Punjab’S Greatest Attraction

Rashika Jain Visits The Most Renowned Place Of The New State; Which Is The Golden Temple Also Known As Harmandir Sahib. She Discovered That Its Architecture Represents A Unique Amalgamation Of The Muslim And The Hindu Way Of Construction Work And The Main Holy Shrine Was Built At The Center Of The Sarovar. She Learned That The Foundation Of The Temple Was Laid By Muslim Saint Hazrat Mian Mir And The Construction Work Was Supervised By Guru Arjan Sahib. Rashika Jain Experienced Sublime Peacefulness And She Was Spellbound By The Beauty When The Temple Was Beautifully Lit Up At Night.

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