Vida Digital Mobile announces the launch of STEP, a wellbeing motivation platform to promote a healthy lifestyle!

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STEP Platform enables people to maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to innovative motivation programs based on fitness, nutrition, and mental health!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, England Feb 28, 2021 ( – STEP is a well-being motivation platform that enables people to adopt a healthier routine by earning rewards for completing healthy activities. STEP Stands for Self-Care Technology Engagement Protocol. STEP offers a comprehensive wellness experience through white-label applications, APIs, and gamification features that encompass various elements of holistic health: fitness, wellness, and nutrition. The platform has gamified the process of building healthy habits by integrating a blockchain-based reward system that allows the users to redeem the points or tokens that they have earned to purchase vouchers, goods, services, and even experiences that money cannot buy. 

STEP Platform invites business owners to have their own white-labeled wellness application or to integrate to the STEP platform through APIs in order to increase wellbeing in their community. This is a unique opportunity for them to get engaged with their customers or employees by letting them earn gift vouchers and participate in charitable causes along with staying fit and healthy. The management team at STEP Platform is highly dedicated and passionate about promoting a healthier lifestyle across the general masses. While talking about the vision of the company, Alexandre Rigaud, CEO of STEP Platform said: 

“We know how important health and wellbeing are to increase motivation, lower stress, reduce health care costs, and build long-lasting relationships for their community. Equally important for companies is how a healthy community builds a stronger brand image, develops engagement & loyalty, lowers liability costs, and increases productivity. In an age where being sedentary is the new norm, staying healthy is vital to the success of any business. Join the movement through a unique platform and become inspired today.”

STEP Platform’s apps can be accessed from mobile smartphones so that users can record their exercises on the go. The platform is built with 39 technologies, and apps utilize data from the motion sensors on mobile devices and wearable devices to track bodily movements, for nutrition and wellness, the apps utilize innovative tracking methodologies which are core to the gamification mechanisms in place. There are three ways of earning rewards on this platform namely Competing, Staking, and Social Rewarding. In the Competing mode, a group of users participate in periodic competitions and try to raise their ranks. The first ranked player wins. On the other hand, Staking allows the users to earn interest o a defined capital that appreciates over time based on their physical activity.

The most convenient mode is the Social Rewarding one that allows the users to redeem points to get amazing rewards like digital vouchers, gift cards, and mobile data. Every user can win from this mode by completing assigned exercises and healthy tasks.

The platform also hosts premium content, coaches from around the world, and social media features that enable users to tap into a new level of wellbeing, the community.

Building and sticking to healthy habits can be really challenging for some people. However, with STEP Platform’s gamified apps, it is a lot more fun to integrate exercise into one’s daily routine and stay healthy.

About the Company:

STEP is a digital wellness and motivation platform built by Vida Digital Mobile Ltd. which supports organizations and communities to engage in impactful activity through mobile applications. Growing healthier, happier, and more connected communities.

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