Mokhtar Announces Malqart’s New Victories And A Very Unique Business Method That Works Very Well During The Pandemic

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Malqart innovation meets wealth Webinars and consultations for companies going global in 2021

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 26, 2021 ( – Malqart announced its new partnerships in the US, Argentina, the UAE, Kuwait, Tunisia, Nigeria, Germany, China, Japan, and Russia. Malqart, the newest division on Mokhtar Group Inc., a project based in Los Angeles, California, and operating globally with about 250experienced B2B sales professionals speaking over 20 languages.

According to Mr. Karim Mokhtar, CEO, and founder of Mokhtar Group, Inc. and a Silicon Valley insider, Malqart was created back in December 2019 to accomplish two major missions:

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  • Help innovative companies and organizations around the world overcome the obstacles that will emerge due to COVID-19 and enable a smooth transition to remote operation and B2B/B2G sales while saving them over 10x in market penetration cost.
  • Create fantastic opportunities for the well qualified salespeople to work remotely and avoid or stop losing more income. Malqartis probably providing the highest sales commissions in the world.

According to CrunchBase’s latest ranking, Malqart is in the top 20K organizations worldwide, out of about 50 Million companies. It is also in the top 10 list of Californian companies specializing in multilingual sales development and CRM systems, and probably the only turnkey solution in the world enabling businesses, across the world, to centralize the following services and guarantee success in every one of them:

  • Local and international sales agents recruiting
  • International sales teams’ building and sales management
  • CRM development and administration
  • Full marketing solutions
  • Lead generation
  • Multilingual sales coaching, training, and eLearning
  • Localization and translation
  • Investment services

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