NATIVE SON: Multi-instrumentalist Hit Songwriter Steps Out from the Shadows of Prince, B.B. King, Bruno Mars

native son

With an Audacious Offering all His own

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 22, 2021 ( – Just a boy, working alongside the likes of Prince, BB King, among his top; and even gleaning counsel from Miles Davis, and yet, he doesn’t want to talk about that. He’s also responsible for writing chart-topping hits for many artists with household names. He doesn’t want to talk about that either. Native Son, instead, chooses to have his work speak for itself. G. Illish/Native Son, the super talented singer, a multi-instrumentalist from Massachusetts, has been described as having one of the most vivid imaginations in modern indie – transcending the notion of genre.

The 10-song collection offers a window into his playful soul with dark innuendos he is unafraid to expose. With just a piano and sensuous falsetto that teeters an athletic baritone, is an audacious introduction as a first track entitled “Moan.” He then gracefully picks up his guitar and swoons newly un-earthed love lyrics; continuing a broadening contortion of sonic expression throughout. Native Son, as eclectic and multi-genre as it is, unites listeners, as he props himself on whatever instrument he chooses to communicate, divining the right chords to treat each of his lyrics like a salve. He is a compelling storyteller for a broader audience – still in the tradition of singer-songwriter, exploring with horns, orchestral sections, and the area Native Son deems most important, a powerful rhythm section – including vocal rhythm.

In our new indie climate, the timing of his debut seemed right. In tune with his native roots, he felt the alignment. Released on all platforms, February 2021.

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