CryptosForensics Launches Redesigned 98% Successful Forensic System, BlockChain De-Linker.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 23, 2021 ( – CryptosForensics Launches Redesigned 98% Successful Forensic System, BlockChain De-Linker., a team of highly skilled digital forensic experts, launched a newly improved upon and Re-designed financial forensic system only exclusive to Designed to speed up the process of helping people who have been unfortunate victims of online fraud and cybercrime.

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The BlockChain De-Linker since its inception has helped provide a 94% success rate of funds and digital assets recovery. This newly re-designed system has been projected to take the recovery rate to about 98%.

Clients who have lost their money, cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital assets can now easily contact the team of skilled professionals on the website and get a quick solution to Recovery.

The BlockChain De-Linker works such that the systems are able to swiftly sift through data, compute and decrypt files such as transaction logs, timestamps, peer-to-peer analysis of cryptocurrency wallets as well as accurately identify the online/physical location of the wallet (cold storage or otherwise). This ensures that Precise information and identities can be arrived at a whole lot faster, accurately, and efficiently, with a margin for error almost at 0 to 2%.

Since the Company’s inception over ten years ago, the team of highly sought after and skilled financial forensic experts have been able to investigate and recover assets in over 8,000 unique cases. The company has helped recover stolen, scammed, or lost cryptocurrency and solve cases involving Hacking incidents, Investment Fraud, SIM-Swapping, “Exit Scams”, Ransomware, Embezzlement, Theft, and Divorce cases.

A satisfied client said: “My husband and I lost our entire gratuity and life savings to a fraudulent bitcoin broker, which left us dejected and afraid. Until my daughter who is in the finance field told me about and how they operate. I immediately contacted them and the way they operated made me feel reassured, from the customer care to the investigator who was assigned to my case. In one week the fraudulent parties were apprehended and myself and husband’s money recovered and returned to us. works with exchanges, law firms, law enforcement, regulators, blockchain companies, ICOs, executives, and crypto VC firms to help track and recover stolen cryptocurrency. Whether it’s an exchange hack, a fraudulent ICO, or a major Bitcoin theft, we are available to provide actionable intelligence, and ultimately to recover funds and digital assets.

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