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Dr Steven DavidSon

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Jan 22, 2021 ( – Now considered a factor in radicalization, nationalism, and domestic terror, there’s an initiative to help millions of fallen evangelicals. Dr. Steven DavidSon, the nation’s torch-bearing Christ-based counselor has designed a deprogramming approach for deceived, disillusioned, and devastated evangelicals.

He’s succinct on why such an approach is needed. “Anyone witnessing January 6, 2021’s assault on the nation’s Capitol recognize an obvious religious factor and the critical necessity for such a program. These people are literally a threat to the nation’s security. And more disturbingly their deceived and far from the faith they claim.”

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According to DavidSon, the reprogramming protocols include the core to Christ-based Counseling, the Process of Being Made Whole exercise, the subtitle to His book on the topic. Thereafter, followed by a Christ-based Counseling deprogramming modality. “No question, the behaviors we’re witnessing originate from a dark spiritual issue as well as long-held cultural beliefs. When you add the indoctrination of messaging from media, spiritual leaders, and political demagogues it produces outcomes we witnessed January 6th. Unfortunately, we fear many more similar acts.

This is a far greater terminal threat than ‘Covid.’ The root of the challenge is nearly two centuries old. And pulpits and media personalities make millions off feeding the condition.”

DavidSon realizes he can only do his part. “That is correct. We’re not trying to be heroes. We have a very small part to play. We don’t expect masses to turn to our support. Our motto is, ‘if we can just help one.’ We’d love to help many more, but ‘if we can just help one’ soul, we’re grateful.”

Sensing the urgent need, DavidSon presently has an evangelical deprogramming video and additional posts on the Amazing Things The Church Facebook page. There is also help on the ministry’s  Christ-based counseling website.

About Dr. DavidSon and Amazing Things The Church

DavidSon has been in Christian ministry more than five decades. He the author, and developer of the Christ-based Counseling modality, and pioneer in web-based ministry since the mid-1990s. The Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 22 Web Sites, features non-apostate Christ-based Counseling and Education. Amazing Things The Church is the heart of the work for nearly thirty years reaching over ten-million in 2020 with daily programming.  DavidSon also served the nation bi-vocationally in the military (working in the intelligence field), and as a civilian for more than forty years. He was distinguished for his outstanding contributions by President Ronald Reagan, and Agency leaders during the period as a civilian employee.  He’s also presently Executive Pastor of the New Beginnings Church in Lewisville, Texas (SBC) with Joseph Fields, Senior Pastor.  Fields who has also been resolute and vocal about this condition, served previously as an executive-level official with the General Baptist Convention of Texas (BGCT), an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. 



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