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The Leadership Hacker Podcast just keeps getting better!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, Dec 17, 2020 ( – In March of 2020, and just as the world as we knew it was about to change with the Global Pandemic, a new seed of change in how we consume Leadership Podcasts was emerging.

The Leadership Hacker Podcast launched in March 2020 ranking instantly in the Top 10 download charts and is now followed by thousands of listeners all over the world.

The weekly Podcast show, hosted by entrepreneur and business leadership expert Steve Rush, has become a global favourite download for business leaders, coaches and thought leaders on subjects of Mindsets, Communications, Culture, Strategy and Leadership, of course, to name just a few topics.

We asked Steve, what do you put the success of the podcast down to? “Every episode is pumped full of relevant, timeless and helpful learning ideas, or hacks, that span our global audience, said Steve”. He went on to say, “I’ve been so blessed with our tribe of guests, and that each guest brings unique perspectives, different stories and diverse cultural and insightful conversations as well as leadership hacks of course. I want so say a massive thank you to our listeners – without them we have no show.”

The Leadership Hacker Podcast is coming up for its half-century of shows already, and 2021 has a plethora of new topics and new guest already scheduled.  The show has received so much attention, Steve has had to stop taking guest bookings for now, which already reaches out to July 2021.  The Leadership Hacker Podcast has also been independently recognised as being in the top 40 Leadership Podcasts in the world to download – so Congratulations Steve and the team!

While the most listeners of the Podcast are in the US and Europe, the show has active listeners from 85 countries in all continents.

The Top 5 shows by download from 2020 are:

1) Self Leadership with Andrew Bryant 

2) Talking Leadership with Michelle Box – The Blonde Fixer 

3) Let the doers be the deciders with David Marquet 

4) Visionary Leadership with Dr Oleg Konovalov 

5) The Leadership Decade with Buddy Hobart 

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