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Crooked scammers are stealing money from businesses already struggling under pandemic uncertainty. Finally, a new Anti-scam Shield for TELUS Business Connect is available now to automatically stop scam calls.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Vancouver, Dec 3, 2020 ( – According to the CTV News: “Canadians lose at least $130 million in scams last year… Service scams cost Canadians more than $8 million, while prize scams almost $4 million and the bank investigator scam about $3.5 million.” –

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported “…As of October 31, 2020 Canadians lost to fraud $79.5 M” –

The Reverd team was focused on developing tools for automatic elimination of scam calls before they reach businesses phones systems. After a thorough research, experiments, and adjustments with proper testing a new tool called Anti-scam Shield for TELUS Business Connect, has been finally approved and is now available in the RingCentral’s app gallery

The new Anti-scam Shield is verifying in real time all the incoming telephone calls against numbers within the international database of 8+ Million user provided harassing phone numbers. Numbers in their huge international user-built database are reviewed by way of human admins, and go checked with verified location. They do not use scoring or algorithms to determine if a phone call is a spam, all complaints being received directly from the victims of the scam and reviewed by human admins.

Personnel of a business equipped with the Anti-scam Shield can block and record new scam calls with a hint of a single button. Thus, making it really easy to report a new scam. The organization IT or safety officer has the choice to check reported numbers before they’re dispatched for inclusion within the Reverd database.

According to Vancouver’s Reverd branch director Stan Zhekov, “It is critical for businesses to exercise extra care of their operations and finances so as to survive current pandemic and that they need good tools to achieve that. Therefore, the Anti-scam Shield was created to arm small businesses with an efficient and affordable tool to prevent scam calls automatically and to report new scam with easy.” He also adds, “It is not just about a bit of software, but rather a reliable scam stopping system that allows both people and businesses to report unwanted robo-calls the instant it happens. Reverd system doesn’t utilize machine algorithms, instead it receives signals directly from the victims of a scam. Thus, providing a reliable platform accessible from anywhere for everyone to report unwanted harassing scam calls. So that everyone protects everybody by reporting scam calls. It creates a worldwide community of individuals united by a basic genuine and sincere desire to stop scam calls automatically and efficiently. United people can reduce scam calls significantly. It is recommended businesses of any size using the TELUS Business Connect cloud telephone system, to install the Anti-scam Shield and stop losing money to scammers. More integrations are going to be released within the coming months for AVAYA, AT&T Office@Hand and British Telecom.”

The humanity goes through challenging times of fundamental changes shadowed by an epidemic isolation and other people disconnect. Therefore, clear reliable scam-free communication is extremely important. Reverd is consistently developing and improving technology to arm people and businesses with efficient, reliable and affordable tools to stay safe and have their phones and business phone systems freed from scam calls wile reducing stress and anger.

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