After mother’s death, boy finds safety in dad’s home

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Dec 1, 2020 ( – In family law, the cases often involve situations where there is a high risk of harm to a child. Jeffery M. Leving Ltd. won a case on behalf of a father and his little boy grieving the loss of his mother, who tragically died at a young age.

Attorney Jeffery M. Leving, founder and president of the firm and the nation’s foremost authority on Fathers’ Rights, will discuss the case modified for broadcast on his weekly radio program, the Dads Rights Legal Hour, 9-10 a.m. CST Saturday, Dec. 5, on Power 92.3 FM in Chicago.

Upon his mother’s death, the boy then lived with his dad, who provided a stable and comforting home for his child. Dad, wanting what was best for his son, arranged for him to spend time with his late mother’s extended family. “One day, the father came to me in a panic,” Leving says. “He told us that the mother’s family had refused to return his son. Further, dad told us that the mother’s family said that they wanted the child to be with them, not with dad.”

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Leving says he was reminded of the Elian Gonzalez case 20 years ago, in which he helped reunite 6-year-old Elian with his dad in Cuba, after his mother drowned and her extended family in Florida tried to keep the boy there, away from dad.

In the current case, the Leving legal team sprang into action, filing an emergency motion asking the judge to order that the child live with dad permanently. “We immediately went to court, argued the case with passion and urgency, and won,” Leving says. “The judge ordered that the little boy live with dad permanently. Dad is overjoyed to be reunited with his son and to know that his son will grow up in his loving care. This victory is an especially emotional one. It would have been a grave injustice, as I see it, to take this little boy from his surviving parent. We gained justice for this loving dad and his son.”

Leving points out that the victories he achieves are often one part of a larger case. Cases involving divorce, separation and child custody may have many battles to be won.

As an illustration, suppose there’s a breakup, and a father wants to make sure he stays involved with his children. “He calls me and we petition the court for parenting time, but he later finds his children are gone,” Leving says. “First, we have to locate the children and fight to prevent them from being taken out of the country forever – that’s an important victory. Then we have to battle to return them if they are gone out of the country. This is challenging, but when we get it done, that’s victory No. 2.”

Another concern is the safety of the children when they’re with the mother and her new boyfriend, on the run. Are they being neglected or abused? If the abuse is physical, sexual or emotional, it must be stopped, immediately.

“That would be another great victory, stopping the abuse,” Leving says. “I don’t wish this kind of pain on anybody, but cases that are this complex and troubling happen, and I’ve been able to untangle many, to save the lives of children.”.

Jeffery M. Leving is founder and president of the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving Ltd.,and is an advocate for the rights of fathers. In addition to How to be a Good Divorced Dad, he is the author of Fathers’ Rights and Divorce Wars. To learn more about Jeffery M. Leving and his latest court victories, follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and view his videos on You Tube.


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