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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Brooklyn Park, Nov 10, 2020 ( – Regarding the official mining of CCM-DeFi, the principal mentioned the following points in an interview with the media:

We have witnessed the birth and exponential growth of DeFi, which is releasing the power of a free economy around the globe. To provide users with relevant services of DeFi, Echain Group of Global Finance established the DeFi Research Institute on September 3, 2020, and invested tens of millions of US dollars as the initial investment fund, which will focus on the layout of three major domains of DeFi, namely the development & theory of underlying technology, the incubation & investment of DeFi, and the final application scenarios of DeFi.

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Currently, CCM-DeFi, a one-stop decentralized financial protocol independently developed by  Echain Group of Global Finance based on CCM public blockchain, has emerged. Users can use the decentralized financial ecological products through mobile devices no matter where they are.

Compared with other public blockchains, the public blockchain of CCM is more scalable and adopted a brand-new consensus mechanism, which can complete transactions up to 3000~5000 in one second. Moreover, users who participated in CCM-DeFi governance (such as pledge, lending, etc.) in the CCM blockchain can also procure corresponding token rewards. Merchants can also carry out cochain of commodity, issue commodity tokens and other governance behaviors. CCM-DeFi has formed a complete set of decentralized ecological closed loop through the integration of four stages (CCD subscription, CCD mining, issuance of commodity token, and DeFi ecosystem) , and finally formed a one-stop solution of independent issuance of commodity token and financial autonomy based on the blockchain!

As the first decentralized financial protocol developed by Echain Group of Global Finance, the CCM-DeFi is of milestone significance. It is not only a big step towards decentralized finance, but also Schumpeterian creative destruction because it is not achieved by price competition, but by innovation competition, and every large-scale innovation will weed out the old technology and manufacturing system, then establish a new one. The CCM-DeFi will continue to evolve and iterate rapidly. Let’s participate in and witness this imperceptible and decentralized financial revolution! CCM-DeFi is the future and it’s anticipating.



CCM-DeFi is a ecology of DeFi, an ecological autonomous system with complete ecological applications and can facilitate real economy. It includes mining, leasing, voting, merchant credit investigation, blockchain signature, token exchange, token issuance and other systems. And it will gradually connect the links between the various systems, and ultimately achieve the financial autonomy based on the commodity autonomy and between chains.


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