Jasbir Singh to reveal truth on Rape in his upcoming book

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Why Does A Man Rape

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Nov 1, 2020 (Issuewire.com) –  

            A contemporary author, Jasbir Singh, stepped ahead to research this field and put forward his shocking discoveries in his book named ‘Why does Man rape’. He intended to uncover the darkest secrets behind rape and its psychological aspects and succeeded in doing so, through this book. He set out on a wild goose chase to interact with some of the rape assailants in various prisons and interview them to study the reasons behind such a heinous act. In this process, he was able to get some shocking confessions from the assailants and some ground-breaking truths behind why did they do so.

            Jasbir Singh is a contemporary author who reacts on societal issues through his writings. ‘Why does Man rape’ is his third book through which he answers the various unasked question. He criticized caste-related bias in society through his first book, ‘ Forever: A Promise’. He explained the lives of trans-gendered people and addressed their rights in his second book, “I’m also a human”. “The Muzaffarpur shelter case that I came across through news had influenced me. The fact that more than 30 girls were captured and were being molested for years has actually shocked me. Because, we complain even though we are provided with a lot of facilities in day to day life, but what plight would have been of those girls? This motivated me to dig deeper in this context and resulted in this book” said the author, Mr. Jasbir Singh. He continued, “As far as I’ve learnt, Lust isn’t the prime or the only factor that drives a man to commit this heinous act. There are other such important which motivated those assailants to react in a way they did. Rapes have almost little to nothing to do with the dresses people wear. Because there are cases where even children under the age of 10 are raped by their own member of the family and there are cases where women above the age of 50 are raped and there are cases where the victim isn’t even a woman. So, this actually raised suspicion in my mind that if what the normal people consider as a prime reason for rape isn’t the actual reason, what’s the actual reason?”

            This book addresses some taboo and controversial issues related to rape. Why do people rape? Who to blame for rapes? Is rape confined to the human race? Is this new in this generation or are there any references to such incidents in our history? Such questions are answered fluently in his book, ‘Why does Man rape’.

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