Deji Hambolu Shares How He Attained Success in His Various Pursuits

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, Sep 15, 2020 ( – For many people, juggling many things requires grit and unmatched skills to remain steadfast when bombarded with a grueling amount of pressure. Although it may sound like it is an impossible feat, there are some people who can handle the pressure when faced with such situations. And one of them is Deji Hambolu.

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As a person who dedicated his life to various pursuits toward success, Deji Hambolu admits that living a life in the fast lane remains a goal that is hard to achieve. However, this did not waver his determination to conquer obstacles in the way. Instead, it fueled Deji Hambolu to defy the odds to achieve his dreams of becoming a business tycoon in the spheres of real estate and investments. Now he wishes to share his tales of trials and triumphs to those who aspire to become trailblazers in the future.

Deji Hambolu was always quite the showstopper at a young age. By the age of six, Deji along with his family of eight moved to Nigeria where he attended boarding school at the age of nine. He spent the larger part of six years of his childhood away from his family. But instead of succumbing to loneliness and despair, Deji Hambolu shaped his disposition and behaviors to exude strength and brilliance. By the time he turned 15, he had returned to the USA with a bolder attitude and the confidence to take on college, even at his age.

After delving deeper into his chosen course, Deji Hambolu eventually earned his degree in process and systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. However, Deji knew from the moment he stepped into the university that his interests lay somewhere else. That is why, during his college years, his entrepreneurship spirit bloomed into the peak of its existence. In 2015, Deji started a men’s accessory company and began buying cars from auctions for the purpose of reselling to other college students during his sophomore year. And when he reached the final year of college, he started to take an interest in real estate and began learning the ropes behind the complicated trade.

But because diving into real estate and investment needed a substantial amount of money as capital, Deji Hambolu also worked as a process and systems engineer at various Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Equifax, and UPS. And by the time he had sufficiently saved and become confident enough to pursue the industry, he bought his first investment property a year after he finished college.

Deji became a licensed real estate agent and an accredited investor not long after. With over five years of experience in transacting, managing, and fixing real estate, Deji Hambolu successfully flipped over ten properties and sold over 2.5 million dollars worth of real properties within the first three years in the cutthroat industry. And although it may seem that Deji Hambolu focused his energy entirely on his passion, he never gave up on his job in the corporate world. Proving to be unstoppable in his chosen fields, Deji also teaches the fundamentals of real estate investing at Clayton State University.

With everything that he has achieved in life, Deji Hambolu wishes to give back to the world with the knowledge that he has gained over the years. So in an effort to educate aspirants, Deji has created numerous digital platforms that are readily available online for people to learn from. 

Having attained multiple successes in his chosen fields is no easy feat. But with the right amount of grit and determination, everything is possible.

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