MANUEL ROS invest $40 Million buying Restaurants and Clubs

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FINSOR FUND proceeding to acquire participations into F&B majors’ firms

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, Sep 5, 2020 ( – Ownership wishes turned into reality through its private investment fund, Manuel Ros has just accomplished its project buying participations in several well-known restaurants and night clubs in Europe for a total investment of $40 million.

I strongly believe in the European economy, where food and beverage industry is one the most powerful business compared to the other major cities in the world, for this reason, I have the intention to proceed with other acquisitions investing into precise areas and running brands, Manuel Ros said.

Due to the investment plan, in respect of laws and policies, Manuel Ros has set up a formal organization dedicated to manages F&B investments made through the subsidiary BILLIOMAR GROUP in New York.

The amount of $40 million has been used to buying shares into various restaurants, and famous beach clubs frequented by the most important personalities. The business identities are not disclosed yet, “To avoid further market depreciation on my investments generated by the actual world economic crisis, I do not want to release the brands I just acquired”, said Manuel Ros, declaring the latest decision a consequence of equities restraint suffered by the Entertainment industry.  

Other negotiations, related to one of the most branded clubs and restaurant, owned by an international personality are ongoing at the moment. Manuel Ros, do not intentionally release more details, being a deal, “really fragile and complicate”.

“My intentions are to buying prime firms and create an exclusive club of restaurant capable to offer an exclusive service, diversification and atmosphere to business clients”, said Manuel Ros.

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Source :MANUEL ROS expand his business over the Entertainment industry

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