More Than 20 People Hospitalized After A Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Oslo’s Underground Rave

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Nearly 25 people have been hospitalized on Sunday after a serious case of carbon monoxide poisoning which took place in a rave party in an underground bunker in Norway. Two officers of the emergency crew who rushed to the incident to evacuate fell sick due to the same cause.

On early Sunday morning, several partygoers who were attending the underground rave in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, started to have carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. According to the police, a patrol came across some youths acting confused and incoherent on early Sunday morning which led them to discover the underground party.

The affected people were taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. As per the reports of daily Aftenposten, five of the 25, who was admitted to the hospital were critical and fighting for their life. Most of the patients are in their 20s and early 30s.

The chief physician Fridtjof Heyerdahl at Oslo University Hospital stated that the patients are recovering and they are out of the danger. Out of the 25, two are the police officers who were evacuating the partygoers.

According to the police, nearly 200 people joined the party. Through Twitter, the authorities have suggested the people who attended the rave to seek medical assistance if they experience any symptoms like dizziness, headaches, nausea, or feel faint.

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK reported that the authorities believe that portable generators that provided music at the party are responsible for the poisoning.

Police think that the people who attended the party used a narrow opening to enter the underground bunker as the main entrance was locked. They have illegally thrown the party in the bunker.

An attendee of the party told NRK that the air quality of the party was very poor and he went out to get fresh air several times before he finally left before the police came. According to him, there have been several parties held in that same bunker before. But this time the number of attendees and generators excelled the previous ones.

A woman has come forward to NRK saying that she warned the police as she was concerned by the number of attendees as the guest list grew in numbers on the social media page. She was concerned about the health and safety of the attendees due to the Coronavirus situation.

She exclaimed that the police did not take her warnings seriously.

The Oslo police department confirmed that they did receive a tip and currently looking into the reasons why it there was not a follow-up on it.

Being odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide gets consumed without the person knowing until they experience the symptoms. The oxygen gets replaced by it in the blood and becomes deadly for the person even if they gets back into the fresh air.]