Luxe VVS Jewelers: The Fastest Growing Diamond Jewelry Company That Sells Affordable Pieces

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, Aug 30, 2020 ( – Owning diamond jewelry is a status symbol in today’s highly competitive and colorful way of life of artists in the hip-hop scene and music industry, much like how an expensive car and a luxurious house define their success. When it comes to owning diamond jewelry that best reflects their personality, popular hip-hop artists tend to go for diamond companies that are highly reliable and offer excellent craftsmanship. Luxe VVS Jewelers, the fastest-growing diamond jewelry company in the country today, is often the service provider of choice. 

Luxe VVS Jewelers is attracting both rising and popular hip-hop artists left and right due to its reputation of providing top-of-the-line, excellent-cut, VVS quality diamonds considered to be the world’s highest diamond clarity available. Their keen eye for details has elevated the company’s level of craftsmanship.

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The ever-growing diamond company has responded excellently to the artistic requirements of each unique client, and it is making waves among collectors, investors, and diamond enthusiasts at the same time. Luxe VVS Jewelers stands out from among its many competitors due to its commitment to provide exemplary results. In-house designers draw inspiration from the vast array of styles and sub-genres within the hip-hop scene, and doing this has allowed clients to relate with a wide selection of custom diamond jewelry. 

Luxe VVS Jewelers is also well-known for its personalization of jewelries from depicting a symbolic piece with sentimental value to the client to a company logo, and a record label name. Whatever the client fancies, Luxe VVS Jewelers is there to make their designs come to life. It is no surprise that companies all over the country are taking notice of this inspiring business brand. 

Clients who get in touch with Luxe VVS Jewelers go through a consultation phase via phone. Design and the clients budget is discussed to give the company’s designers an idea of their limitations if there be any. The team of designers proceed to make an outfitted 3D model of the client’s specific design requests which will then be shown for approval. Once approved, the team automatically proceeds with production. The company makes sure that quality is not compromised by having the finished product inspected by its expert quality assurance team. The same team will also validate the authenticity of the diamonds used. Once the finished product passes the scrutiny of the inspection team, it is then shipped for free straight to the client’s doorstep.

As a referral-heavy niche, Luxe VVS Jewelers maintains a robust list of very satisfied clients who speak highly of the company’s commitment to excellence, unmatched quality of diamonds and accommodating service. These attributes have never failed to attract the music industry’s biggest stars and celebrities outside of it as well. Luxe VVS Jewelers also produced a high-quality diamond piece for well-known rapper and songwriter, NLE Choppa. 

Some of the Chicago-based company’s popular clients come all the way from New York and Los Angeles. Creating reasonably priced high-quality customer jewels for celebrities is both a specialty and a company mission. Despite consistently having celebrities request for custom pieces quite often, Luxe VVS Jewelers also continues to remain true to one of its objectives, which is to make diamond jewelry an affordable investment for the general clientele. 

Learn more about Luxe VVS Jewelers and its custom pieces by visiting its Instagram account.

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