Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Feeling Wonderful On The Arrival Of Their First Child Daisy Dove Bloom

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Katy Perry has delivered her first child and Orlando Bloom names their little girl Daisy Dove Bloom.

They recently shared their happiness with the world on the internet saying that they were “floating with love and wonder” after the baby was born. They could finally catch a breath after their first child’s “safe and healthy arrival”.

The couple who just turned new parents has shared a black-and-white picture of their baby, Daisy’s little hand holding them.

The pop singer, Katy Perry was not hiding her pregnancy since the beginning. She first dropped the clue in her music video Never Worn White earlier this year where her baby bump was completely visible through the graceful white gown.

“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” the pair said in the caption with the black and white photo of Daisy’s tiny hand. They released the post via Unicef, an organization that helps disadvantaged children and adolescents and donate to NGOs all over the world. Both celebrities are its ambassadors.

While they were having a wonderful time with a new addition to the family, they remained sensitive around the current situation and stated in the post that “But we know we’re the lucky ones and not everyone can have a birthing experience as peaceful as ours was.”

They left a heartfelt note about the distress they witnessed around them, in different countries. “Communities around the world are still experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers and every 11 seconds a pregnant woman or new-born dies, mostly from preventable causes.”

The pandemic has brought more risks than ever for the new-born babies. The crisis has crippled all the systems and created a shortage of food, water, medicines, and vaccines that are vital for nourishing and keeping a baby safe. They said that they privileged to sustain a good and secure life. “As parents to a new-born, this breaks our hearts, as we empathize with struggling parents now more than ever,” said the lucky couple.

With Daisy Dove’s arrival, they have decided to organize a donation page where people can donate money that will be directly sent to help new mothers and their children with a lack of resources.

They want their fans to come together to donate for such a big cause that can save the life of the new-born babies. They encouraged everyone to support the setup and expected that “your heart can bloom with generosity.”

The new album Smile was released on Friday, and Katy revealed her worries calling the pandemic as an “emotional rollercoaster”.

The big hit Never Worn White hinted that Katy and Bloom would soon walk down the aisle after they got engaged last Valentine’s Day.

Katy Perry landed on the number one spot on the UK charts in 2008 with the smashing single I Kissed A Girl.