Milania’s Graduation is Celebrated By Teresa Giudice As Fans Are Excited About Her Resemblance With Her Mom

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Despite the fact there is a lockdown going on because of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, it is still the season for graduation, and people are very much celebrating the whole occasion as much as they can to their fullest capacity. Having said that, since Teresa Giudice happens to be the mother of four children, she has already been marking with more than one graduation and the latest of them is the 8th-grade graduation of Milania who happens to be only 15-year-old.

The very proud mother of the four daughters took to her account in social media as the very wonderful pictures of the little girl have been shared by her on the platform as she wrote in her caption that with a loving expression and mentioned how much she loves Milania and wrote many more good things about her. Teresa Giudice Celebrates Daughter Milania’s Graduation And Fans Can’t Get Over How Grown Up She Looks And How Much She Resembles Her Mom!

Fans are quick to react as they left a note with words of congratulations in the section for the comments as well. The fans also raved about the fact that Milania looks very grown-up already and is stunning, to say the least.

The milestone is celebrated with a blue cake and it is made sure by the very excited family that of course there has to be an ad hoc photo shoot for the beautiful teenager Milania.

Things could not be helped by Teresa but to celebrate and make the entire event a very special one for her daughter Milania, especially for the fact that because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an official ceremony for graduation at the school is not going to be possible.

As it is very much known to everybody that many of the graduation ceremonies all over the world have either been canceled altogether or postponed so that the spread of the virus can be avoided.

Just like any other proud parents, the cast member of the American television series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, nevertheless, wanted to make it very sure that something memorable is still done by her for her daughter Milania who at this moment is headed towards grade 9.

A picture that features her along with her 15-year-old beautiful little daughter is posted by Teresa along with the cake that is delicious looking and she has written the caption by congratulating Milania. Shea also wished her daughter Milania a very happy 8th graduation and exclaimed the fact that she is very proud of her and tells her to keep shining and said her to be the way she is and also shine brightly like a diamond that she already is.

As has been mentioned previously, a lot of comments that came in from the fans were very much about the fact that Milania has got a grown-up look but there are also comments that much close she resembles her mother.

Teresa Giudice posted on her Twitter that she is very proud of her daughter Milania and that cannot be expressed in mere words. Her daughter has gone through a lot in a single year and it is much more than what people go through in a lifetime. She is not with her dad, Nonno, who is in Italy and all this happened while being judged, changing, and growing. Milania tells her mother that she is very strong but on the contrary, Milania is very strong. She is like a firecracker that makes her mother laugh and cry and her heart is kept full every day by her daughter. She thanks her daughter for all this and congratulates her on the graduation for the 8th grade. She is very happy that her daughter will soon be in high school. She felt very proud of her baby and expressed that she loves her to infinity and also beyond.

For the moment, Joe, who is her dad was not able to be with her n a very special day as he is still very much in Italy because of his issues related to deportation. But he still made it very much sure to come up with expressions of love for her social media.

In the comments section, he wrote that she loves her and said that he is proud of her and told her to keep the good work going and also congratulated her on a special occasion.