New Realm Connections Are Announced By Blizzard To Combine The Realm Of Underpopulated World Of Warcraft

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Blizzard Announces New Realm Connections To Combine Underpopulated World Of Warcraft Realms


A population issue has been suffered by World of Warcraft recently on quite a several levels. If one happens to look towards the Classic server’s one can see an issue related to overpopulation primarily because there is a lack of layering.

Nevertheless, as we move towards the modern servers of Retail of the game World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth one can always see that the problem opposite to it has manifested. As there are quite a few numbers of realms and dozens of them are underpopulated and it has taken a ‘massive’ out of the MMORPG.

This has been a perennial problem that the developers are in need to fix and it has lingered for quite some time now. They have been working towards this goal diligently. Despite this fact, Blizzard has kept its mouth shut and has been silent on various issues related to this as it has to lead many to wonder that something of a fix is coming. Blizzard Announces New Realm Connections To Combine Underpopulated World Of Warcraft Realms.

Responding to an irate fan, a formal announcement has been made by Ion Hazzikostas who happens to be the game director, as he came with the post on Twitter.

In a Tweet that has been mentioned below, Hazzikostas has said that there has been a long history of delays regarding this and he has to be entirely 100% sure about the fact that all the technical issues are solved around the project before raising hopes any further. He also sincerely apologized for the wait that has been quite lengthy.

It has also been stated in a tweet that during the BlizzCon ’19, Ion said that he is going to have a word with the team in the following week regarding things about connecting more realms. They are still to hear more on this matter as he said that the cold grasp of the game Shadowlands has been creeping further upon Azeroth.

New realms for the connections are already underway as to when you have a community around you of other players, the World of Warcraft is the best thing. There are numerous ways that one can participate in.

As this announcement came in, it has been confirmed fully about Realm Connections by Blizzard. As the name implies, Realm Connections have been directed towards entirely fixing the underpopulation issue by merging and combining underpopulated realms.

On the forums, it has been announced by Kaivax who is the community manager that they have now completed the comprehensive study of the realm populations for the entire realm that is there in the world. Considering the period of the next two to three months, the low population realms are going to be connected by them with the other realms that are existing.

They also stated that this process is all set to very much occur during the scheduled maintenance. Instead of connecting all the realms that are there in one go in a very huge maintenance a few of them will be connected by them each week during the period of the scheduled maintenances until everything else has been combined.

Keeping those things in mind, advanced notice is intended to be posted by Blizzard regarding the connection that will be soon coming up so that nobody is caught off guard. The discussion forums of Realm are also going to be merged so that the realm mergers are matched.

It has also been stated by Kaivax that when everything about the maintenance is complete, the players who are on the affected realms will go on and log into the Battle for Azeroth and they are going to find out that they are part of a larger community of connected realm now. He has also requested to keep an eye out for all the notifications over here as we keep on proceeding through this entire project.

Through this forums, the advance notice for which realms that are going to be targeted to get merged will be arriving, so one has to keep their eyes out to make sure for the fact that you are up to date regarding the fact that whether your niche realm is going to become suddenly much busier after the procedure of maintenance. Having this fix, it is going to be hoped by one that there will no longer be a problem related to underpopulation with regards to the retail servers.