Train Station Renovation from the Live Motion Games is out on Steam Early Access

Image Credits – YouTube

When it comes to most anticipated mind stimulating games of this year that not only let the players drive a train and control the routes that move from different corners of the world but also letting him coordinate the business in his terms, then the only name will be Train Station Renovation. Live Motion Games has announced that the upcoming game Train Station Renovation Now Available Steam Early Access. It is a brainer’s game that will give the player a chance to test his ideas and renovate old and outdated train stations to bring them back in new forms ready to be used.

The new game is all about making the overused or abandoned train stations ready to be used at full throttle and bring back their lost glory. The plan of the game is to fix the unused buildings with time and patience rather than just leaving them to rust and collapse one day. But the game is challenging because you have to mend and paint all the old buildings for a limited fund and that requires skills and creativity to maximize your limited resource and your mind’s power. The players will start the game with a set of tool kits that include a brush, a hammer, not to mention, their own hands and much more elementary stuff to renovate a place. The more advanced tool will appear in the player’s box as he makes progress in the game and unlocks different stages. Throughout the journey to bring the abandoned stations alive, the players will get their motivation of digging and plastering by finding valuable objects and expensive ancient artifacts.

The game runs at a different pace with each different train stations. The challenges vary from station to station with some obvious tasks like cleaning the dust of the floors and walls of the forgotten buildings. Some of the stations are newly rejected and are in somewhat good condition that needs only weeding and new paint, but the other buildings are utterly damaged. Some of the old buildings are the storehouse of radioactive materials that can explode or harm the player. So it comes with risks when the player decides how he wants to get it done. The UI will keep the player updated about the recovering speed and the essential lookouts to ensure the buildings get in order. When the trains begin to start on the tracks of the stations that will be the signal that your work was successful.

The new game Train Station Renovation is not that new because it went through many upgrades for ages. It was about to launch first in Q3 2019 but they rescheduled it for Q1 2020. It is available on Early Access for a year. The developer of the game is taking time to fix the mechanism before hitting the real road with a bang. It has a polyglot approach with translations available in multiple languages and researching the original source materials.

Releasing the game on Early Access for a year will help the creator to know the reaction of the players before they finally launch it in its full version. The game gets interesting with every stage with more details of repairs and paintings. The price of the Early Access will be fixed for the game so far. The team has announced that the price will not differentiate after its official release. Gamers can grab it on PC via Steam Early Access.