Hotel R’n’R is storming through PlayStation VR, fans can expect more updates

Image Credits – Happy Gamer

Fans must get geared up to tear the world of virtual reality as Hotel R’n’R is smashing its way to PlayStation VR, content update expected for all platformsThe fans will be able to make a deal with the devil itself and demolish every hotel present in the world tour in the best possible way. Almost all the components of this game can be destructed, so just smash, bash, and break whatever you want to.

The director of Wolf & Wood has planned innumerable weapons and enhancers to make sure that the players can plan the best setup. They can score as many points as they want and also do the most damage before the maid comes up and stops the entire process.

Fans can easily embrace their inner rockstar by destroying every room that they stay in. The title provides its users with access to more than 34 weapons, with the only limitation being the weak wrists of the users and the constant nagging of the hotel staff.

The game welcomes the users to the life of a failed musician who has made a deal with the devil to acquire musical talent. The devil wants you to destroy some of the rooms of the hotel. Each room is a unique playground of things to destroy and explore. Users need to plan their attack very carefully, else the maid or hotel manager will get drawn to you and kick you out of the room.

The users need to build up cash and infamy as one gains a reputation for destruction. As one progresses through the game, he or she will find a pawnshop to modify the weapons, and also performance enhancers to help them cause some more mayhem. Players can use cash and infamy as currency in order to purchase more and more upgrades.

The players will be able to five different hotels in New Mexico, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and London. Each of the rooms is filled with secrets such as secret passages and safe codes that only the keenest observers will be able to find out.

The players can explore tons of mini-games in Purgatory based on the deadly sins. A long list of weird challenges has also been provided by the devil to keep the premise interesting and exciting. You need to get ready to experience a consistently evolving destruction spree.

The weak nature of the users can result in easy breaking of bones, and thus, the users need to very careful on going about destroying the environment. The more noise gets generated by the users, the more it will attract the attention of the hotel staff who will be ready to kick you out. Lawyers and resurrections are very expensive here, thus, the users need to make sure that it is all worth it.

The interested fans will be able to purchase Hotel R’n’R through Steam. This is only an early access update so the fans can expect more updates coming up in the future. The game is scheduled to be released for PlayStation VR on 28th May.