Cain was moved to strategic coach from the head coach by Team Liquid by as Tactical is introduced as Main ADC

Image Credits – Happy Gamer

In the LCS Spring Split of the year 2020, Team Liquid went through a tumultuous season after they have spent two years at the helm of the league. As Doublelift is heading back to the TSM, a huge void has been left there where he was standing once upon a time. Because of this, some big decisions are taken up by the team of the League of Legends with regards to the coaching staff and starting lineup.

Cain, who has been the head coach, has been moved to the position of strategic coaching for the coming season purely because of the skill set that he has got can be applied to the team about this area, and it has been announced today by Liquid. Quite appropriately, a new head coach is going to be searched by Liquid before the start of the season that begins on the 13th of June, Saturday. Team Liquid Moves Cain From Head Coach To Strategic Coach And Introduces Tactical As Main ADC.

Team Liquid has taken to Twitter and has shared an update about the spring split along with the coaching situation. In the tweet, they also mentioned about what all are expected from them by the fans.

Furthermore, the position of starting ADC of Liquid will be taken over by Tactical for the LCS Summer split of the year 2020. A little bit of stage time is seen by him as amid the season, Doublelift caught up with a severe illness. Plenty of scrims were also played by him along with the team after the former superstar ADC of the team has been benched by them due to issues regarding motivation.

According to Steve Arhancet, who is the CEO of Liquid, said that Tactical is already very much dedicated to the whole process, as he shares a great relationship with both with Core JJ and Impact and the mechanics followed by him are solid. He also feels that there is every chance that with time he is going to grow as a great player and he just feels super excited so that he can do it with him.

Tons of lows and highs are experienced by the Liquid fans that they were not dealing with for more than two years in the past. This has been a tough season for the team. From the early visa issues of Broxah to the real drop in the motivation level of Doublelift, one is not able to turn back the clock and will not be able to return to the same way things used to unfold in the years 2018 and 2019.

Although a huge portion of the team has been lost by Liquid, the future is still looking to be very bright. It has been seen by them that before this, the players of LCS has flourished to quite some extent under the starting positions which was illuminated with bright lights and there is every chance that Tactical might grow in to become another young star in the league who is very successful and is in desperate need of a new talent who has got fresh legs. While the other regions can boast of having good talent pool in the Leagues of the Academy, the fact that bothers NA that the old talent has been kept recycling as they are demoted from the main roster and taken back to the roster by the academy and then the same players are promoted if they are going to perform very well.

It may sound very well as far as theories are concerned, there are other regions which have got a better infrastructure for the young players as LEC is going to have the Master League where we can find a huge talent pool in almost every region like Germany, Spain, Poland, et cetera, from which a few of all the split has been picked up by the team of LEC so that the overall skill level can be improved.