$1 million bounties have been offered by Epic Games’ Houseparty as a proof a smudge campaign run against them

Image Credits – DualShockers

These days, it is getting very hard to make it big in a company of social media. The mediums, it seems to have been picked up by our society like Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are very much ruling the show. This means that the world leaders are taking to social media platforms like Twitter and announce whatever they felt and thus at this point making it a very much set thing. Epic Games’ Social Media Platform Houseparty Offers $1 Million Bounty On Proof Of A Smear Campaign Against Them.

This phenomenon does not stop other companies in the fray to try out options like these and they are getting pretty far sometimes with this kind of thing. Houseparty was able to manage to get quite a lot of distance and then went on to be launched and went even a step further when Epic Games, the very famous game developers were picking up their platform and it has been added to the Epic family.

If you still have not heard something about Houseparty so far it is very much a platform in social media-based video chat primarily face-to-face along with your friends. You may think it is very much like Skype, but in reality, the program closes when it is told by you to close. A notification is received by your friends when you are getting online and every one of you is going to hop into a call and start chatting for a while.

Back in last year, the company was picked up by Epic Games and for now, it has already launched itself pretty much further into quite a lot of popularity as almost the whole of the world is under lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. It is even now ended up being on the top of the charts and on the list of most downloaded apps it holds the sixth position as far as the United States is concerned and it has hit the number one spot, #1 in countries like UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, it may seem some people are not very happy to see it being a successful venture. Off late, news started to circulate that the platform has succumbed to hacking. The data of the users has been leaked quite similarly style followed in Facebook and things were compromised right, left and center.

At least, only according to Houseparty that never happened. It has been insisted by them that there has not been any sort of targeting related to hacking. In place of that, it is now believed by them that there have been claims that there has been a smear campaign that was run against them and it was a paid campaign. They do not know who did all this and they are still not guessing it anyway. But they are offering bucks in millions to those people who can tell them about the whole thing. The tweet can be seen by you which has been embedded above so that the posting about your bounty can be seen.

The claims have been refuted by Houseparty who took to Twitter and insisted by saying that all the accounts of Houseparty are safe as the services are very much secure and no compromise of any sort has been done and the passwords are not collected for the other sites. They also mentioned that the last few weeks have been spent by them as they were feeling very grateful and humble as they can be a huge part of bringing on people close together at such hard times.

So Cowboy, go and get them. You have got a chance to claim a bounty of million dollars if you can prove about the campaign. Their replies on Twitter are getting filled up already with random theories over the fact that who is guilty of these entirely so one can say that the trail is still very hot. And, if you happen to be a user of Houseparty, you do not have to worry at all as your as Epic will keep your information very much safe.