Fans were happy with NeNe Leakes’s appearance on WWHL with Jerry O’Connell, Lisa Rinna, and Andy Cohen

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Quite a lot of followers and fans were really happy with NeNe Leakes as some of the recent posts that came out on the star’s social media handles. At the WWHL online show, NeNE was present along with Andy Cohen along with other celebrities like Jerry O’Connell and Lisa Rinna. You can check out NeNe’s posts that have been given below. NeNe Leakes Made Fans Happy When She Appeared On WWHL With Andy Cohen, Lisa Rinna And Jerry O’Connell.

According to an anonymous follower, who said that everybody was already aware of the fact that Andy’s favorite was NeNe. Another follower went on to post that he abstains from commenting on these posts but he also exclaimed that he is very happy after seeing them together over there in the show that night. He had a lot of fun watching that and he thoroughly enjoyed.

It has been posted by someone else that Andy has been looking very amazing and healthy. The follower is very glad to see him feeling better. According to one of the commentators who said that he and his mom has been laughing all throughout the show for the whole period. He also added that he knew it from before that she was going to say no to every question that was thrown at her. The fan also mentioned that there are no regrets as far as NeNe is concerned and she is not bothered about it.

The star from RHOA has been praised by one of NeNe’s fans who said that she has just done the most awesome job while speaking about her makeup. She also said that it was great to see all of them converging on the same show. According to another commentator who exclaimed that everything is just fabulous as far as the show is concerned. The fan felt very comforting when you saw everyone out there in the show along with Andy who is very much back to business and stealing the attention in the show.

It was another follower who raised the question and asked about the pictures and paintings which were there on the wall. You also asked in the fun whether this property has been rented. Another follower posted on social media accounts that he was mesmerized by the home makeup and the very beautiful press on the nails and loved the whole concept.

It was one of the commentators who told NeNe that she made him laugh like anything as he got each and every answer and has no regrets for that. A sweet message has been posted by another follower that there are absolutely no regrets. His favorites are all present there on the show. He was feeling the best about tonight’s show that is being aired.

Apart from this, fans have been told by NeNe that she has already done her eating while she has been at her home as she maintained the norms of social distancing and now she wants to go for workouts and start staying healthy.

One must definitely watch out for the funny posts that are shared by the star from RHOA on her account in social media.

Fans have been praising her and she also got a lot of appreciation from quite a number of people. She also kept on advising quite a lot of his followers and fans so that they stay back at their homes in these difficult times and take the issue of the coronavirus pandemic as much seriously as possible.