With The Feud Seemingly Over, Katy Perry Finally Confessed Taylor Swift And Her Are Not ‘Very Close’

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The beef between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is famously known to all of their fans all over the globe but recently it was reported to have concluded. But fans were shocked to learn that though they are on speaking terms their relationship is not close to friendship either.

Recently Katy had been on an interview with Australia’s Stellar, where Katy Perry Admits She and Taylor Swift Are Still Not ‘Very Close’ After Ending Feud. She confessed that though they talk to each other but the relationship is still mending.

She mentioned that as they are both very busy with their work they text a lot but the relationship is anything but close. She said that she was impressed by the vulnerability and self-awareness in Taylor’s recent documentary. The singer expressed, ‘I was excited for her to be able to show it to the world: that things are not perfect, they do not have to be and it is more beautiful when they are not.’

She also thinks that it was important for her to appear in the video as they are at a position where people look up to them.

Katy and Taylor had been seen together on many award shows previously but when in 2014 Taylor revealed her song Bad Blood was about the former, their rocky relationship came into public view.

Katy also dashed back on her twitter saying, ‘Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…’

Though now the conflict appears to be over and their relationship seems to be normal it has taken a lot of time to come to this stage. Katy Perry has emphasized on the importance of forgiving and making peace, ‘Forgiveness is important. It is so powerful. If you can forgive your enemy, that is amazing. As difficult as it is!’

Katy Perry is ostensibly tired and frustrated by this ongoing drama and she is willing to forget and forgive and even wants to collaborate again with Taylor to stand together as one.