Activision Blizzard Announces To Come Out Of The Game Streaming Platform Of Nvidia’s Geforce

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Bringing the technology of Google Stadia to the gamer across the globe as long as the ownership of the title, Nvidia’s Geforce seemed to pretty easy to win over. The idea was pretty straightforward and simple, to say the least, and it was executed pretty well so that it can be paused, knocking the Google Stadia out of the water.

So, now it’s pretty confusing to come across the news that publishers are pulling out Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform after the expiry of the beta period. There are no signs of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the list of supported titles and Monster Hunter: The world is also missing. The reason for this is still not understood.

As long as there is a strong internet connection strong enough to handle the bandwidth, the titles play well on GeForce Now. It is surprising to see that the developers have signed deals with Google Stadia which isn’t even capable of maintaining 720P with titles. It is pretty strange from a gamer’s point of view as all the parties are being secretive about what is the actual reason for this decision.

In a recent scenario, Activision Blizzard pulls out of Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming platform and the reasons for which are still not clear. Considering the fact that the players can play through the entire World of Warcraft by using the Stream’s Remote Play, it is pretty confusing to see this as Nvidia has already developed the back ends and also ensured that the players are legal owners of the game.

The recent performance of Activision Blizzards also doesn’t approve of this fact and they should have jumped on the bandwagon to relive their glorious past.

With many publishers pulling out Nvidia’s Geforce Now, rumors are there that the problem is regarding the money.

However, there might be three possible reasons – first of which is that Nvidia is requesting money from the developers and the publishers in order to offer their games on Geforce Now. Well, this is highly unlikely, as there has already been a precedent crafted regarding the payouts from the streaming services to the creators.

And, the second possibility is regarding the Netflix conundrum. The success of Netflix made everyone pull out of it and start their new streaming services. If Nvidia had figured out the back end of the other companies to emulate, it was possible that they would be seeing financial sense.

The third possibility is that maybe Nvidia isn’t offering enough slice of the share. Geforce is different from Netflix and coming to the negotiation, they are allowing players that play the owned titles rather than serving a multitude of titles for a low fee.

There are more possibilities of news of what is actually happening behind the curtains. But, it is certainly not god for Nvidia’s Geforce Now program. With more publishers pulling out of it, less title is now being made available for streaming, which has resulted in very fewer players willing to pay over $5 a month for streaming. The truth is still awaited.