Sonar Smash, A Dolphin Themed Game By The Pixel Pajama Studio’s Is Now Available

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Pixel Pajama Studios have come up with the release date of their upcoming shoot-em-up game, Sonar Smash. The game revolves around a dolphin the sea that has special sonar abilities which helps it to smash its way to the very end. The game which is supposed to be released in April is currently ongoing its community beta.

The game Sonar Smash will let the players collect rings to unlock the sonar powers, refill the hearts, and also purchase stat upgrades that will be available at then randomly occurring vendor. The Play Store description further reads that the player has to obtain boosts and relics from the high scores, daily chests, and the in-game achievements to expand their next voyage.

The video which was released by Pixel Pajama at the end of January reveals a trailer that shows some of the game play and music.

The game features several sea creatures that look adorable but deadly. They appear in endless waves, and there are seven types of them in total to defeat. Fortunately, the dolphin present has seven sonar abilities that would help to defeat their enemies.

The music which has been created by Abstraction Music has also previously lent their musical talents in the Danmaku Kingdom, The Maker’s Eden, Nothing Can Stop Us, and many more.

The players who are interested in trying out the game can now find it on iOS and Android and they can do so by joining their Discord server or by subscribing t their mailing list.

The game, however, contains several ads with some on-game purchases and also there are additional purchases that include state upgrades and other random power-ups that would help to boost the dolphin’s way to success.

Pixel Pajama Studio’s Dolphin-Themed Sonar Smash now available for pre-order on Mobile. Pixel Pajama Studios had previously developed the Astral Defense, a procedurally generated pixel art space shooter. This game was released n both the App Store and the Play Store. The Astral Defense game is a tiny pixel art space shooter that was designed for mobile.

In this game, each wave that gets generated scales endlessly with difficulty. The official description also reads that the player needs to collect the power-ups and conserve the special ammo for more troublesome Alien Vessels. It is inspired by the retro arcade classics such as Galaga.

The Astral Defense is now available for those who are interested in trying out other Pixel Pajama Studios titles. Pixel Pajama Studios is currently working on its new project called Rainbow Time that displays a uniform running on the rainbow rails.  However, the game is still in its development stage, but their development blog will have new information as soon as it gets released.

Sonar Smash is all set to be released on the App Store, Play Store, and PC via on April 8, 2020.