Erica Dixon Catches Attention With Her Adorable Fight With The Beautiful Girls

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The famous star Erica Dixon, from the Love and Hip-Hop series: Atlanta is way far from being shy when it comes to the matter of posting pictures of her twin toddlers, Embrii and Eryss. The 34-year-old star never lets go of an opportunity to share new things about her kids on social media.

Erica Dixon gets in a candid fight with these two beautiful girls.

During one of her latest posts, it seems that the mother of three was facing some difficulties in abstaining her newborns from reaching out for candy treats and she captioned it by saying that Once Breezy gets to taste a lollipop she had to undergo a small battle to get it back.

Along with the words, the reality television actress shared a photo of one of her babies in which the little one was seen wearing an all-pink dress and was seen holding a piece of sweet in her hand and was in o mood to let it go.

As soon as the photo got shared on the social media several fans dropped in to like the post of the mother and many of them didn’t hold back from congratulating her on her beautiful girls.

There were a couple of users who showed compassion towards her by acknowledging the struggles a mother ahs to face while taking care of their children and one fan wrote that the first times of such moments are really priceless and make everything worth it for a parent.

A gushing fan expressed love by saying that it was lovely to see both the twins pose so adorably and that Eryss seems to be bigger. The fan also added that even though Eryss is the bigger amongst then two there is something chunky and cuddly about Embrii that makes her seem chunkier and also expressed the desire to hold them both.

The Instagrammer went on to add that after seeing both Eryss and Embrii looking as cute as possible, she also wants to have twins who would be as cute as them.

Another mom congratulated Erica for being a proud mother of the twins and revealed that Eryss has a shorter rounded face while Embrys dons a leaner and long face. She also added that both of them are equally beautiful.

Apart from sharing the cute picture of the twins, Erica also shared a picture of her firstborn child, a teenage daughter named Emani Richardson with former partner Lil Scrappy.

Although there is such a huge age gap between Emani and the twins, Dixon smartly proved that all her daughters are getting along just fine and went ahead to post a picture of Emani holding one of the babies.

Erica Dixon is certainly enjoying the ride.