Fortnite Supremely Reigns As There Is Revelation Per State Video Games Which Are Most Popular

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The website for Satellite Internet as the gaming industry is provided with statistics with regards to the game of per state which is most popular. Some of the games which appear on the list are very surprising and some are not.

According to the spoiler alert, the most popular game has got the maximum number of states and it is something that is not going to shock anyone which follows the industry way. It is actually, Fortnite. The Most Popular Video Games Per State Have Been Revealed, Fortnite Reigns Supreme.

There are 50 states in all which includes DC and according to satellite Internet the most popular game that is being played working from east to west:

Florida-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare


South Carolina Fortnite

North Carolina-Fortnite


West Virginia-Fortnite

Washington DC: Dota 2

Maryland: Fortnite

Delaware: Fortnite

Pennsylvania-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

New Jersey-Fortnite

New York-Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Connecticut: Fortnite

Rhode Island: Fortnite

Massachusetts: Fortnite

Vermont: Hearthstone

New Hampshire : Rocket League

Maine-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

Alabama-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

Mississippi: Grand Theft Auto V

Tennessee-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

Kentucky-Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Ohio-Rocket League

Indiana: Fortnite

Michigan: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Illinois: Fortnite

Wisconsin: Fortnite

Lousiana: Grand Theft Auto V

Arkansas -Fortnite

Missouri-Call of Duty :Modern Warfare

Iowa: Fortnite

Minnesota: Fortnite

Texas: Fortnite

Oklahoma: Call of Duty :Modern Warfare

Kansas -Rocket League


South Dakota-Apex Legends

North Dakota- Call of Duty :Modern Warfare

New Mexico-Mortal Kombat  11

Colorado-Rocket League

Wyoming-Red Dead Redemption 2

Montana- Red Dead Redemption 2

Utah-Mine Craft

Arizona-Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Idaho-Monster Hunter: World

California- Dota 2

Oregon: Monster Hunter: World

Washington: Dota 2

Hawaii: League of Legends

Alaska: World of Warcraft

The breakdown of the ranking according to popularity are as follows:

Fortnite is for 20 states which are more than one-third.

In the second place, there is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which has got a respectable count of 20.

Rocket League, as well as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, has got a standing of four states.

In one district and two states, Dota 2 is played the most.

In 2019, Grand Theft Auto V is enjoyed by two states. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Monster Hunter: World is also played the most in two states.

World of Warcraft and Blizzard’s Hearthstone are both played the most in one state. Apex Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, my craft and League of Legends are also represented by a single state as well.

Mortal Kombat 11 is the most surprising game out of all the results. The addition of the franchise has been the most successful but it is quite unexpected that that in New Mexico all the other games are beaten.