Find Out 4 Easy Steps for Real Spotify Promotion


Emerging music artists are struggling to gain organic exposure. Let’s explore some of the most effective tips for real Spotify promotion for growth and success.

real Spotify promotion

There is no denying that Spotify is currently the most influential music platform in the industry and has paved the way for a successful music career ahead for numerous artists. Day by day, the number of artists as well as the number of users on the platform are increasing significantly. And it is making this global platform more competitive than ever. As a result, most emerging artists on this platform are looking for a promotional service to build their career. Those who are in dire need of real Spotify promotion but have a tight budget can follow the organic tricks given below.

1. Start Using Spotify For Artists

Having a Spotify For Artists account is the first and foremost thing to do as it offers a handful of benefits for the artists. It works like your Spotify Homepage which you can tweak now and then. Make sure to keep it fresh by regularly updating and adding necessary information. You should also add high-quality pictures of yourself or the brand that you are trying to establish. You should also add a compelling bio along with properly organized playlists based on singles, EPs, and albums. You should also provide updates on your upcoming projects which help to keep up the anticipation.

2. Pitch to Playlist Creators

Playlists are the trendiest elements for a promotion that works pretty well for Spotify. There are many playlist creators who curate music based on a particular genre, style, or mood in order to provide a more refined musical experience for the listeners. Getting featured in this playlist can help to gain the attention of the listeners who would like your music and stick to you for more musical creations in the future. Find relevant playlists and pitch their curators through the mail in order to get featured. Try to get several features that help to gain an exponential amount of listeners.

3. Collaboration with Other Artists

Collaboration is the most effective way to work with other artists and gain exposure mutually. It is an old trick but works well in modern times as well. Listeners are fond of collabs and it can help to tap into a greater audience base. You can do cross-genre collaborations such a between pop and rap, or jazz and rap, or something else. These unique combinations can allow one to be part of a bigger audience base who perhaps like one of the genres only.

4. Harness the Power of Social Media

Social Media Platforms are the common hub for all kinds of online users including listeners. Utilizing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others can help you reach a wider audience base while creating more social footprint. It can also help you gain more visibility in the market. In this way, you not only gain more fans but also loyal followers who would support you and your music.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of other ways for Spotify organic promotion. However, it takes a fair share of time and consistency to get satisfying results. Instead, you can hire a professional agency for Spotify promotion that can offer you greater results within a short span.