Reasons an Author Should Consider Submitting to Free Book Press Release Sites

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Though paid press releases have been statistically proven to be a more potent marketing strategy, reliable free book press release sites can also bring in impressive results.

Free Book Press Release Sites

A press release can be an invaluable tool for authors that can be harnessed to attract the desired audience and group of readers to their books. It is a great means to inform the public about the release of the book, the subject it deals with, and why and how the book will make a difference, and is also a determinant of how much attention the book receives. A press release goes a long way in enhancing book sales and author profiles by targeting the ideal consumer market. It also draws the attention of book critics and can get a magazine, newspaper, or blogger to review the book.

While submitting a press release to a paid press release site is considered to be most effective, submitting quality content to reputed free book press release sites can also yield good results. Some of the key benefits an author can reap from a free book press release include:

  • Cost-Effective Promotion

A free press release is one of the best promotional tools for authors who do not wish to blow up their entire marketing budget and new authors starting with limited resources. Though free press releases have often been criticized as being less effective than paid ones, a well-crafted press release with an engaging story can captivate the attention of journalists and media houses and consequently generate ample visibility for the authors without putting a dent in their wallets. Also, a press release allows the news about the book to be published in a way that is compelling to the readers with the addition of multimedia and other features.

  • Adds Credibility

When a press release is published on a website, it forms an idea among the readers that an author has credibility and thereby their book has been considered worthy of being published. That, in turn, leads to brand-building for the author and also builds a positive reputation among the readers and target audience. When releasing a press release, adding the link to the authors’ websites and the purchase links, along with an ‘In Media Page’ for all the articles they have been featured in, helps add extra social proof and credibility for the author and their books, thereby drawing the attention of more readers.

  • Helps Gain More Traffic to the Author’s Website

When a press release is impressive enough to catch the attention of the readers, adding backlinks to the author’s website in the press release would compel more and more readers to check out more about the author and their works. This in turn would help increase the flow of traffic to the website and bring in more engagement from loyal and potential readers. Adding the links to the author’s social media would also enhance their social media presence, thereby increasing their popularity and building visibility.

  • Any Promotional Strategy is Better than No Promotional Strategy

Yes, indeed, a free press release might not have as much potential as a paid one, but some form of promotion is better than no promotion at all. No matter how slim the chances of a free press release are of being picked up by a news or media outlet, not submitting a press release would bring it down to zero.

A book press release is an official statement that can convey the author’s message about the book to their readers and present it in an organized, interesting, and informative way.