Reasons an Artist Should Submit a Paid or a Free Music Press Release

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Artists can reap massive benefits by submitting press releases to a renowned distribution site, irrespective of whether it is a free music press release or a paid one.

Free Music Press Release

In the highly competitive arena that is the music industry, each artist has to take an extra step to gain visibility or they might get lost in the vast sea of new music that is being created every day. To achieve this end, press releases have been a long-standing tool to bring a piece of news before reporters, editors, and other media members. The main aim of a press release is to pique the interest of a journalist, publication, and the public to get them acquainted with the brand/individual and inform them about their new updates.

Both a paid and a free music press release can turn out to be invaluable parts of an artist’s public relations arsenal to help create a buzz about him and his music. There are several reasons why an artist should submit a press release for distribution:

  • Massive and Instant Exposure

The first and foremost benefit that a press release yields is that it paves the pathway for obtaining instant exposure on the online platform. Over the years innumerous companies have sprung up that offer promotional benefits and other public relations services to help their clients gain visibility and the common element each of them offers is a press release. When picked up and published by a journalist or media outlet, a press release can create a massive buzz for an artist, taking their popularity to a peak.

  • SEO Benefits

Almost all press release services today come with SEO benefits to help the press release appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. This ensures that the news about the artist is easily searchable and compels the netizens to check out the works of the artist for themselves. The addition of relevant keywords, tags, and links in the press release goes a long way in improving its rank on the SERP. New artists who are a novice in the field are advised to seek the help of a digital marketing expert for optimizing their press releases for maximum ROI.

  • Building Solid Relationships with Journalist

Journalists are always in search of a good story to bring to the fore of the audience. When an artist consecutively shares good newsworthy press releases, it piques their interest and compels them to reach out to the artist, thereby leading to building a bond that can help create a buzz about their next release. A good relationship with the media also ensures that they provide coverage of the work of an artist with a positive outlook and prioritize their news for publication in the future.

  • Greater Social Media Engagement

A good press release published by a renowned publication adds credibility to a piece of work and builds interest in the readers, compelling them to know more about the artists and their updates. To do so, the first choice is to check the artist out on social media platforms which consequently leads to more traffic to their pages and engagement on their posts. This in turn builds a word-of-mouth chain network, bringing in more followers, likes, shares and reshares giving the piece of music and its creator the attention they deserve.

  • Affordable and Sustainable

Among all forms of marketing and advertising strategies, press releases are the most affordable choice. A press release is a more indirect form of advertising that can bring a massive engagement from its readers without burning a hole in the pocket of the artist. Moreover, they are a more sustainable market strategy that can help artists gain long-term benefits and helps build credibility for their work.

  • Customization

The massive popularity of press releases lies in the fact that they can be customized according to the geographical locations and demographics preferred by the artist. It ensures that a piece of news only reaches the target audience. A press release can also be customized to be delivered to a global audience, giving the artist an even larger exposure.

Press releases have truly become an indispensable aspect for musicians to come to the fore in the cut-throat competition of the entertainment industry.