The London R&B Singer KP-McBen’s Newest Single ‘Good Old Days’ Is as Impressive as Ever

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‘Good Old Days’ is the newest single by the London R&B Singer KP-McBen, which will particularly make you feel nostalgic, currently available on SoundCloud.


If music is your escape and one of the few ways you can express yourself, then this ‘feel good’ track is absolutely what you need. The incredibly talented KP-McBen has released a brand new single, making you wonder about those early days of your life when you could do anything without even considering the consequences. ‘Good Old Days’ is the name of his latest single that matches its vibe perfectly with its name. Previously the artist has given several hits and memorable tracks and his ability to express himself through melodious tracks has always been praised. However, this time the artist might have outdone himself and this track has the ability to climb highest on the performance charts and outstream his entire discography.

The highly skilled and competent London R&B Singer has given the best performance yet, both lyrically and vocally in this track. The song revolves around the nostalgia people have for their younger days. According to KP-McBen, he surely does not regret growing up or having responsibilities, however, even he cannot help but reminisce about his early days when he could be carefree. The storyline of the track is based on how everyone at some point in their busy lives has missed those earlier days when there were no consequences and no responsibilities, where people could live life however they wanted to. This message is so beautifully showcased in ‘Good Old Days’ with well-versed, well-expressed, and emotive lyrics. The vocals did the magic again where it complemented the groovy beats ideally.

You can listen to the track along with his previous releases like ‘I Hear Your Call.’, ‘Better Way’, ‘London’, ‘Don’t Diss Me’, etc. on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Experience the hot new single ‘Good Old Days’ on SoundCloud here: