Mesmerizing Sound Design and Performance Makes ‘One Life-One Shot’ by Recertified Teenager an Amazing Listen

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An anthem from the heart about how precious human lives are, Recertified Teenager impresses both fans and critics with the recent release, ‘One Life-One Shot’.

Recertified Teenager

Music has always been something to me that entertains me and teaches something at the same time. While I occasionally enjoy light, fun musical creations, I cannot help but enjoy music with a deep message more. This is why I was so overwhelmed with the soundscape, ‘One Life-One Shot’ when I first listened to it. The artist, Recertified Teenager has mastered a handful of musical styles in this short project that impressed me the most. I was completely spellbound by how the artist, being an independent one, managed to do the writing, the music composition, and the productions at the same time.

‘One Life-One Shot’ is about humankind and how we sometimes take our lives so seriously. People only have one life, therefore, everyone should focus on living it well. The idea about the track comes from cats and their multiple lives. According to some folktales, cats have around 7 or 9 lives, so they can live recklessly as they will get another shot at their lives. But the same does not happen with humans so people must live to the fullest. This message is beautifully conveyed by the artist, Recertified Teenager, and using the right tone and composition, the track creates a captivating ambiance that I particularly enjoyed.

The artist has used the authentic elements of R&B and Soul music that results in a smooth and compelling track, lingering in your memories for a longer time. The unrivaled independent artist, hailing from London has maintained a sense of originality throughout that is elevated to the next level with the help of the vocals. You can listen to the track along with his previous releases, ‘Its My Life’, ‘Don’t Diss Me’, ‘Gospel, R & B’, etc. on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Just go for this track ‘Recertified Teenager‘ byRecertified Teenager: