Perks and Drawbacks of a Free Press Release Site

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Availing of the services of a free press release site can prove to be a cost-effective way for new businesses with limited resources and minor news to reach the public.

Free Press Release Site

Ever since its introduction in 1906, press releases have become a dynamic tool for businesses to announce any news related to their company to the general public and stakeholders, be it the launch of a new product or service, or any new development in the company. With the advent of the internet, news and media companies have expanded their work online, and consequently, numerous press release distribution sites have also cropped up over the years. These sites are of two types: paid and free.

Though analytics have shown paid press release sites to be the most popular and effective choice when it comes to spreading the word of the brand out there, free sites cannot wholly be scraped out. Resorting to the services of a free press release site can prove to be quite advantageous for a brand:

  • New Brands with Limited Resources Get a Fair Shot

Effective as Paid Press Releases are, they can at times turn out to be quite expensive, and for entrepreneurs just starting the industry with limited capital, they can wreak havoc on their budget. This is when Free Press Releases come to the rescue. Though they might not have as vast a media reach as the paid ones, they still give the company news a fair shot to be picked up by a journalist or a media outlet given the piece is worthy of attention and is well-written.

  • Can be Quite Effective when Paired with Social Media Promotion

A company with a good social media reach can reap the benefits of its online presence by sharing and resharing the press release once it has been distributed by the site. Such robust outreach can attract attention and is the stepping stone to an efficient public relation strategy.

  • Won’t Cause a Dent in the Wallet for a Minor News

Not every piece of news a company release is worth the hefty sum that paid press releases cost. These are news that only serve to keep the public engaged with the brand and its whereabouts, and submitting them to free sites can help cut down marketing costs, while giving the articles a fair shot to reach the target audience.

Despite these perks, an entrepreneur with the capital to back him is advised to invest in paid press releases for long-term benefits, rather than submitting to the free sites. This is primarily because:

  • Some Free Websites Do Not Distribute Press Releases at All

Some sites trick companies by never distributing their press releases and instead parking them until they get tired of the lack of results from their submission, and finally end up paying for an upgrade.

  • Innumerous Ads and Links

Free sites often embed press releases with numerous ads and links, which might cause the reader to skip reading them. Worse, they might contain a link from a rival company and divert the traffic in their direction.

  • Not Informative Enough

Often free PR sites do not provide their clients with any updates or statistics on how the press release is doing, who has seen the press release, or which sites it has been distributed to, which gives the brand no room for improvement. For readers, such sites often do not disclose the contact details of the company leading to a dead end.

  • No Room for Customization

Not every press release needs to be seen by all sectors or groups of people or is relevant to all areas. Free sites in most cases do not have any room for customization in these scenarios, leading to a vague release.

Therefore, if the budget is tight or the news is not as significant, free PR sites can be the choice for press release distribution.