Farm Grid Africa: Revolutionizing African Agriculture using the Blockchain.

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Nigeria, Jun 19, 2023 ( – Farm Grid Africa, a pioneering Agrotech startup, is poised to revolutionize the farming industry across Africa. Led by visionary CEO Pharm. Raymond Okokoh, the company is committed to sustainability and leveraging technology to address critical challenges in agriculture.

Farm Grid Africa aims to combat antibiotics misuse in farm animals, empower farmers, enhance food production, and drive economic growth on the continent. By utilizing innovative solutions and sustainable practices, they promote healthy food production, increase crop yield, and provide better market access for farmers.

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With a focus on aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Zero Hunger and One Health, Farm Grid Africa strives to ensure food security and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Their use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, traceability, and fair trade practices throughout the supply chain.

Through their crowdfunding platform, Farm Grid Africa allows individuals from all backgrounds to participate in agricultural projects, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective impact. Their diverse team of experts combines knowledge in veterinary medicine, technology, finance, and agriculture to drive the company’s mission forward.

Farm Grid Africa actively engages in community development programs, providing training, resources, and access to markets for farmers. By prioritizing the well-being of farmers and rural communities, they create positive socio-economic impacts.

Positioned as a promising player in the Agrotech industry, Farm Grid Africa seeks further investments and strategic partnerships to propel their transformative initiatives. They are paving the way for increased healthy food production, reduced hunger, and improved livelihoods for farmers in Africa.

Join Farm Grid Africa on their mission to revolutionize African agriculture. Visit their website at or emai:l [email protected] for more information and investment opportunities.

About FarmGrid,
Farm Grid is an Organisation of agricultural, health and tech experts with the mandate to fight antibiotics misuse in farm animals and improve agriculture in Africa.

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