Making the Perfect First Impression Through a Music Submission Site


Sometimes new artists fail to make a good first impression on a music submission site which leads to their music being rejected. But some certain pointers can help.

music submission site

Being a musician trying to make it big in the industry includes a lot of hard work and above all, originality. After spending a significant amount of time writing, composing, recording, and polishing your music, the greatest mistake one can make is giving out a bad personal impression with a crudely constructed submission as it can come off as unprofessional.

Research What the Company Demands:

The first and foremost thing a new musician must do before the submission is to search for a music submission site that appeals to your personal and musical style, personality, and ideology. Check if the company accepts unsolicited materials, and contact them only if they do. Check for submission forms and fill them out alongside sending your email. It is ALWAYS advised to stick to the format that the company asks for. Most often than not, companies ask for a digital submission through links rather than files or CDs. Links are the most convenient and also quickest way of sending your work across. Remember: the first impression is everything.

Quality over Quantity

Companies are more likely to give priority to those tracks that have been mixed and mastered professionally. It is also not necessary to submit all the songs that you have created all at once. Send across some of the handpicked bests among your creations can serve as an example of the quality of your music and can get listeners hooked and build up their anticipation for more.

The Power of Images

The artwork for the music must be impeccable and of high quality. A professional quality image goes a long way in creating the best possible first impression.

DO NOT Miss Out on the Bio.

Always remember to put a detailed description of yourself as an artist/band, the type of music you play, what inspires the music, and your achievements. Try not to be generic and capture the essence of your musical career in a paragraph. It helps people understand and relate to your music better.

Above all, have patience. Submit your tracks only when they are complete, instead of putting forward half-baked materials. Be confident. If you have faith in your music, so will the listeners.