HELMallery is live in Decentraland. The new arts and events space in the metaverse is hosting a free art exhibition

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Silvano Repetto, important Swiss artist, and Chiara Capobianco, known as Capo.Bianco, a young award-winning street artist are exhibiting their first (and free) show in the Metaverse

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Oct 26, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Joining their know-how, Pini Group and HELM have realized a unique experience tailored to the peculiarities of the metaverse ecosystem, marrying architectural and engineering beauty with technical advancement. 

HELMallery is live in Decentraland (-70, 118) and hosts the works of Silvano Repetto, an important Swiss artist, and Chiara Capobianco, known as Capo. Bianco is a young award-winning street artist.  

In the month of July 2022, HELM and Pini Group announced their partnership with a shared effort: bring in the metaverses the best engineering and architecture of the physical world.  

On one side, Pini Group is a multinational engineering company born in Switzerland, with 70 years of experience in the international market and 500 employees. On the other side, HELM is a Swiss start-up focused on metaverses, gaming, crypto, and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and is actively focusing on quality and user experience in the digital spaces. 

The quality of the project has been recognized and rewarded by the DAO of Decentraland and has allowed HELM and Pini Group to be chosen, among more than 200 applications worldwide, as one of the official partners for future architectural constructions and for leasing land and spaces to third parties. The project has been designed by Pini Group’s Metaverse architect Umberto Ceccarelli, together with his colleague architect Kateryna Chaplyinska, from Ukraina. 

Within the iconic architecture of HELMallery, it is possible to access for free the first metaverse exhibition of these 2 renowned artists and acquire their work as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).  

On 2 floors, we can find a selection of works from Silvano Repetto, a video artist, painter, photographer, performer, and producer. Repetto’s series “Useless Performances” celebrates the importance of useless things that we need, of actions that we take and that would go forgotten if it were not for the camera lens capturing them. The unique experience of each viewer spans from disbelief to ironic self-awareness that keeps surprising. 

On other floors, Capo. Bianco‘s incredible attention to detail hypnotizes in more senses than one.  

Displaying in the metaverse involved a long reflection. Initially, as an artist, it seemed to me an almost heretical action, but I wanted to go deeper than the first impression of what was, in effect, a prejudice. Coming to terms with the present, the multimedia world is an integral part of our personality, which with the passage of time (thus becoming a habit) has made it possible to introduce the concept of dual personality.  

Exhibiting in the metaverse is for me an artistic act of my own, as well as an integral study of the relationship between art and people.” shared Chiara Capobianco

Lea Palomba, CMO and Co-founder of Helm – High-End Labs for the Metaverses SA –  

“With PINI Group, we envisioned a multi-floor space where we could display several types of artworks while having dedicated areas for events and interactions. In HELMallery we merged aspiration, inspiration, and motivation and the opportunity to host and distribute as NFTs, the artworks of Silvano Repetto and Capo. Bianco has breathed even more life into the rooms. 

HELMallery is a tribute to what happens when a lot of talent is poured into one project. “ 

Marzio Candus, COO and Co-founder of Helm – High-End Labs for the Metaverses SA – 

“HELMallery gives us a sense of what could be achieved in the future within Decentraland and other metaverses. We will continue investing in R&D, led by our CTO Emanuele Peretti, to respond to even more business needs, with special attention to those connected to work and collaboration in the metaverse.” 

“The collaboration between Helm and Pini Group allows us to offer unique experiences for all those companies wishing to develop projects in the different metaverses. Just like in the real world, we develop Tailor Made strategies and projects, confirming our commitment to bringing the quality of the physical world into virtual worlds “. – stated Lorenzo Corsetti, CEO of Helm – High-End Labs for Metaverses SA. 

Today the Metaverse is not just a business opportunity for companies, but a real ecosystem capable of transforming simple digital interactions into valuable relationships. It is not about thinking about what the future will be like, but about dealing with something that is already there. In this context, it is essential not to lose ground towards a destination that is not simply a 3D world in which to immerse oneself but the evolution of the internet in general” – said Fabio De Martino, Chief Innovation Officer of Pini Group  

Umberto Ceccarelli, Metaverse architect for Pini Group –  

This project for Helmallery has been envisioned as an open architecture in the digital dimension, to give the opportunity to people to network and create a community inside a space in which art has a leading inspirational role. We have also tried to bend the metaverse space to serve the more practical purposes of communication and orientation, without losing the symbolic meaning of its architecture. 

You can visit HELMallery in Decentraland  


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