Give Your Tooth Another Life with Root Canal Treatment at Amity Dental Centre

Dr Antoine Nohra  Root canal expert

Dr Antoine Nohra the Albany Dentist at Amity Dental Centre is expert in root canal procedure. He is providing Albany community the best Root Canal Treatment service.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Perth, Western Australia Oct 26, 2022 ( – Most people and patients who are going under dental treatment are unaware of how a root canal is beneficial for dental care. Primarily because they don’t know how it works. On top of that, there are many stories about the failure of the procedure or the loss of the tooth, which all spread due to the lack of knowledge.

However, to spread awareness and knowledge, Amity Dental Centre, when taking care of the patients, briefs them first about how painless and specialized the process of root canal treatment is and it will save the tooth from being extracted.

Endodontics is the medical term for root canal treatment and is only necessary when the nerve or pulp of the tooth becomes infected. The cause is neglecting a sensitive tooth that already has a hole. This neglect can make the tooth sore from time to time and the pain becomes severe which ends up in the face becoming swollen and a formation of an abscess. Root canal treatment also may be indicated after an injury or trauma. This situation is usually not known by the patient but the first signal a patient can face is most of the time severe toothache.

Dr. Antoine Nohra is an Albany Dentist at Amity Dental Centre who has extensive experience in root canal treatment. His education from all over the world and his knowledge of the latest dentistry technology have helped him use several special techniques to clean the infected tooth.

The process of a root canal starts with cleaning the hollow space that is created inside the infected tooth and then is filled to stop further infection. In most cases, the next step is to put on a porcelain crown to give it extra strength. The entire process is done under the local anesthetic at the Amity Dental Centre in the safe hands of Dr. Nohra which guarantees no discomfort or pain.

Not only did the experienced hands of Dr. Nohra cause no pain but Dr. Antoine Nohra is also known for his compassionate nature. Besides him being one of the most skilled and experienced, his kind behavior is known to make the patients relaxed before starting the procedure.

Most of the patients in Amity Dental Centre have responded positively and reported the procedure is extremely comfortable, so much so that it feels no different than having a standard filling. However, the appointments may be longer because the procedure of a root canal is more delicate and the work needs a lot of expertise. The number of appointments also depends on the position of the tooth and how many roots it has, but usually, it needs two or more appointments.

Amity Dental Centre, hosting the best dentist in Albany, is the ultimate place for innovative dental care which not only takes care of root canal treatment but also offers complete dental services for children and adults. This includes preventative care, orthodontics, dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, crowns, and veneers …

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