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Stargazer Episode Zero

(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Oct 9, 2022 ( – The recent emergence of AI-generated art has unleashed a torrent of creativity across the internet At the same time, controversy over the artistic merits of these works rages as AI begins to challenge traditional artists and established media.

And now, a graphic novel illustrated entirely by Artificial Intelligence has been published on Amazon and quickly reached the Number One spot in the Sci-fi and Superhero categories. It will also be featured in an upcoming collection of AI-Generated graphic novels which features work by Eisner-award-winning artists. 

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The graphic novel, Stargazer Episode Zero – Ring of Fire, was written by New York-based author Adam J. Rodriguez. “I uploaded the first short version of Stargazer to Amazon on Labor Day weekend out of curiosity,” Rodriguez said. “I had no expectations, and I certainly did not think my experimental comic would ever top the charts.”

However, the book did quickly reach the top spot in both the Sci-Fi and Superhero Graphic Novel categories for Kindle over the Labor Day weekend. Within two days of being listed, the experimental graphic novel made a leap over established names like Stranger Things, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Sandman – among others.

“Not only was I in the same company as books and franchises I adored, from Doctor Who to Spiderman and Stranger Things, but I was at the top of the list,” Rodriguez recounted. “I cannot describe the euphoria of that small moment.”

“When I decided to create a graphic novel using AI, it was nothing more than a creative experiment,” says Rodriguez. “I had no idea that I was going to be able to create something that I could show people, much less tell a cohesive story that people might enjoy reading.”

Adam J. Rodriguez now holds the distinction of having written the first AI-Illustrated Graphic Novel to reach Number One on Amazon. The book has been featured in several articles and several more issues in the series will be coming out this year – including one drawn by a human illustrator.

“The original issue of the Stargazer story was drawn by a fantastic illustrator named Rita Torres,” noted Rodriguez. “And I am really excited to release it again so that the two stories and artistic styles can be viewed side by side. I think it’ll be interesting from a story perspective and also as part of the emerging AI art discussion.”

Stargazer Episode Zero – Ring of Fire is available now on Amazon, Google Books, Smash Words, and Barnes and Noble. The first issue is free on every platform.

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