More Small-Time Investors Are Becoming Laptop Landlords — Here’s What You Need to Know

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Oct 4, 2022 ( – Because of record-high inflation and volatile markets, more high-earning professionals are buying rental properties in cheaper real estate markets, primarily in the American South. More services provide detailed information in any location on the real estate market’s sales prices, crime rates, schools, and other key data. Despite advanced technology, landlords need to expect the unexpected, work with the right people and consider starting small before investing in an entire home. Here is what you need to know about being a laptop landlord. These tips are brought to you by RealTE Trade.

RealTE Trade Holding is our vehicle for locating and buying undervalued, high-income rental properties. Because we purchase these properties for cash, we are able to get more favorable real estate deals and close quickly. RealTE Trade LLC is our offering platform where we highlight and offer our properties to both accredited and non-accredited RealTE Trade members as real estate investment.

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Established in early 2021, the vision of RealTE Trade is to acquire undervalued, and or distressed single-family and multi-unit properties, improve them, turn them into rental properties and offer fractional ownership shares to the growing investment community known as laptop landlords.

Expect The Unexpected

Buying rental property has many hidden expenses like property taxes, homeowners insurance, closing costs, maintenance fees, cleaning costs, and tenant vacancies. These reasons make it even more important to use a comprehensive home payment calculator before purchasing a rental property.

Many newer remote landlords, who have been dubbed “laptop landlords” also need to budget for unexpected repairs and outside factors. One of the biggest but most devastating unexpected expenses could be having poor-quality tenants or vacancies. These situations would leave many unsuspecting landlords on the hook for high monthly payments without rental income. Other regions, especially in the fast-growing American South, are subject to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, or flooding.

Work With the Right Property Management Firm

Successful landlords know how to find and work with the right people, especially property managers. This connection is even more important since many laptop landlords won’t be based in the state where they own rental property.

The right property management company can help with repairs, managing current tenants, screening prospective ones, and providing referrals to qualified contractors and plumbers.

On average, expect to pay 8% to 12% of the gross monthly rent to a property manager. Often, these companies charge more for additional services like tenant placement, evictions, and dealing with late payments. Look for property management firms with transparent contracts, professional licenses, low vacancy rates, solid reviews, and prompt customer service.

Ease Into Investing in Physical Real Estate

Even with cheap properties, owning physical real estate has many unexpected expenses and potential pitfalls.

These problems can cost investors thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. However, landlords can gradually start investing in physical property through fractional real estate platforms like RealTE Trade.

RealTE Trade allows investors to own a fractional interest in various physical properties throughout the U.S. without having to take on any of the management responsibilities. Investors simply collect dividends from any income the properties generate and profit from any price appreciation when the properties are later sold.

Unlike publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) or REIT exchange-traded funds (ETFs), fractional real estate offerings through LLCs are less subject to the whims of volatile public stock markets. These offerings also provide more tax benefits like reducing taxable income via depreciation.

The Laptop Landlords Are on the Rise

Laptop landlords are becoming more common because of high inflation, plunging stock markets, and enhanced technology.

But buying real estate isn’t the same as ordering groceries online with Instacart. Buying real estate comes with many responsibilities and risks and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What Role Can RealTE Trade Play in Helping you Build Real Estate Wealth?

RealTE Trade is one of the very few real estate platforms that allow you to invest in rental and distressed, undervalued properties that both produce an income or dividend to each share owner and allows you to build equity through appreciation in the property.

Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z make up the largest sector of what’s now termed “laptop landlords”. The reason for its growing popularity is it’s easy, safe, and affordable to invest in real estate while sitting at home or in the office, researching each investment, and choosing the option that best fits their goal of building real estate wealth.

Anyone interested in building wealth in real estate would be well advised to take a look at RealTE Trade and what they have to offer. Laptop landlords will find it affordable with $100.00 minimum buy-ins on many of their offerings along with exceptional long-term returns, and appreciation. RealTE Trade also offers investors semiannual dividend checks based on rental income profits, much like corporations pay out a dividend to stockholders.

Visit RealTE Trade and learn how easy it is to get started building real estate wealth.

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