How to Optimize Your International Press Release Strategies for Better Results?

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optimize your international press release

Today’s global market is quite competitive and when a company is trying to gain exposure from beyond the borders; things can get pretty tough. However, a press release can offer a great solution for the purpose as it is considered one of the most effective components for marketing and public relations that offers the required exposure and brand presence in the global market.

Press releases are utilized to declare and variety of news regarding the business such as the launch of products and services, rebranding, achievements, events, and so on. If the story is compelling enough, the press content is can enhance customer base and sales along with its popularity and brand values. If you are looking forward to creating a long-lasting global impact, you need to optimize your international press release strategies to get effective results.

However, it is easier said than done. When you are trying to churn out a global impact; quite obviously the range of media outlets, press release formats, norms, languages, and many other elements need to be taken care of. Here are some effective tips to optimize your international PR approach.

  1. Figure out your target audience

Whom you want to reach or engage in your press release is the prior thing to decide. Do you want to target lawyers in London or musicians in Brazil? While the choices can be drastic if it is important for the business then you should strategize better. Be specifically reasonable with your target audience. It will help you to come up with a better press release with a more compelling angle.

The strategies for distribution are also determined by the target audience and their niche platforms. Therefore business organizations and individuals can target each country when they are confident about the demographic they want to target.

  1. Partner with the local media relationships and newswire

Successful international distribution depends on trusted relationships among newswire, media outlets, PR professionals, reporters, and journalists. Do not just opt for a region for distribution just because your agency said so.

Local Newswires in your targeted country can help you a lot in the process since they are quite experienced and knowledgeable. They have nurtured strong relationships in smaller markets. They understand better how local conventions, cultural effects, expectations, and perspectives affect audience engagement.

Usually, when you target via international newswire, the audience is bigger and the reach is less. Even if you are able to reach a lot of readers, they might not the relevant ones you were looking for. That is why, targeting visa local newsier is the best to reach a greater number of relevant, interested, and potential customer bases internationally.

  1. Make your press release distribution in the local language

Though English is an international language, it is not always appealing to people with a different mother tongue. Let’s say you are trying to gain attention from French citizens but your PR is written in English. Quite naturally, it would not receive much engagement unless it is written in French.

Distribution in the local language helps to reach a larger number of target audiences within the country. Translating them into the local language also increases the number of reads and shares among online users. Furthermore, when you put some effort into the readers; they will feel special and go through the press release to understand the matter.

Also, there are many industry terminologies used in press releases that might sound a little alien to someone with a language barrier. It is your duty to change those terms or translate them in a way that every reader is able to make out what the content is all about. Try to write an international press release in the local language or translate it for better results.

  1. Focus on appropriate local time to generate more buzz

You might have a deadline or look forward to making an immediate release. But, haste only makes waste when it comes to international press release approaches. So, instead of focusing on your time; focus on the local time of your target region to make sure you are distributing according to your readers’ convenience, not yours. You might have to post in the middle of the night but your reader will read the press release in bright daylight.

That is why it is crucial to keep an eye on the time zone to get more effective results out of the PR campaign. The press release is a time-sensitive element and it should be distributed at the right time to get more attention. You can schedule the time for your release beforehand to gain more exposure.

  1. Include your Logo, URL, and Multimedia

Including your company logo and URL in the press release can offer a potential boost in international media coverage. It offers more credibility and helps to drive more web traffic along with engagement.

Nowadays, press releases have evolved much and there are options to add multimedia attachments. Adding such options as video clips, images, infographic elements, etc. make sure to garner more attention than a regular press release. It is also highly attractive and helps establish the compelling story present in the content. According to a recent report, press releases that include such attachments are preferred by the readers.

Other than that, there is also a link embedded in the content that helps readers directly reach the source. So, not only brand presence but it also helps to improve the rank on the search engine result page to improve the global presence.

Bottom Line

A press release is one of the most effective marketing elements that help to gain more exposure both regionally and globally. Integrating it for business purposes provides greater results. However, be careful about the newswires and your approach before proceeding. The aforementioned tips will help you enhance your international press strategies for your business.